May 16, 2013


             It is finally relieving. After a long time never-ending budaya nusantara class, we (me and my team) performed the last tribe: Minahasa, Timor, Flores and Maluku. We all wore do-it-yourself  Minahasa costume that time. The boy wore black shirt and pants glued with DIY suspender and silver hat. The girl wore white kebaya and pleated long skirt. Feeling familiar with the face? Yep, the team was the same team as Dayak and Banjar performance. Check out here to see not only the ethnic costume but also awesome face and body painting!

le presentating~
Yummy, Manado Porridge made by Sari and Indah
with coconut ice

  The Origin of Kolintang  

Once upon a time, in Tondano, North Sulawesi, there lived a beautiful girl named Lintang (roled by a boy haha)
Every man in Tondano was mesmerized by her beauty. They dreamed to be her husband.
Until one day, a man named Makasiga braced himself to greet Lintang in a party for Tondano's youth. in Tondano. Makasiga was happy to know Lintang deeper, and so was Lintang.
Both of Lintang and Makasiga had a deeper relationship. Since Makasiga had been falling in love to Lintang for a long time, he intended to propose his love. Lintang was so surprised yet happy. However, she had a demand: Makasiga should give her a music instrument that had a more melodious tone than a gold flute.
Finally, Makasiga gave her a music instrument. Nevertheless, that instrument was not the one Lintang desired.
Makasiga went to the forest to find the best music instrument. He was exhausted to find one. He decided to take a rest and dried some firewoods. When he threw the dried woods, those things tuned so melodious. He arranged those woods and cut them out. Then, the new music instrument was made. He believed this instrument would make Lintang accepted his proposal. Unknowingly, two hunters did hear the instrument Makasiga played. They firstly mistakenly guessed Makasiga as a ghost.
Those two hunters asked what Makasiga had done in the forest in the middle of night. "I was looking for a music instrument for my girl, Lintang. I have been neither drinking nor eating until I find one," answered Makasiga. The two hunters were astonished. They asked him to went home to Kelabat Atas with them. Since Makasiga was so weak to walk, a hunter did crutch him.
When they came to Kelabat Atas, Makasiga was already in agony. Two village women were late to save his life. He said,"Please, bring this instrument to Lintang and convey my regards to her." Then, he died.
The hunter came to Tondano to deliver Makasiga's message and give the instrument to Lintang. Lintang was so surprised that Makasiga had sacrificed himself for her for merely a music instrument. She was crying a loud. Since she was fallen in a deep sadness, Lintang was attacked by a serious disease and was died later on.

dancing Poco-Poco

Singing traditional songs: Waktu Hujan Sore-Sore, Sayang Si Patokaan, Potong Bebek Angsa, Rasa Sayange, Mana Di Mana Anak Kambing Saya. We often forgot the lyrics and the choreography haha

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