May 24, 2013


        What is the interesting thing of watching fashion show for you? For me, it is not as casual as watching the show, it is about breathing the new inspiration from the catwalk. Perhaps, as the guest, we just sit and do nothing while the show run. Yup, that is true. We enjoy the show, don’t we? Nevertheless, my mind thinks so fast and records what happens on stage. I feel the air of the show when I see new things coming such as new design (in cutting, embellished thing), new color, new fashion show, cool music etc, the whole brand new concept that never really been existed before or I’ve not seen and thought it yet.
       One of the cool fashion shows is Hussein Chalayan’s show. The level of awesomeness overload there. At the beginning, the show was started by a group of black outfit worn by the model from Paris Fashion Week 2013. Then, the colorful dresses were coming one by one. And then…. Yup, the ones attracting me (and the media of course!): a dress magically could turn into two dresses in one wear! The model wearing the dress fiercely ripped off her dress like saying: “Okay, I’ve finished going to my friend’s birthday. Now, I have to be rush on attending dinner at French restaurant with my boyfriend. But how could come that possible? Relax, just walk fast and rip the dress!”
           A very smart collection by the hand of Chalayan! (bow down)

Gif Pics: Dewi Magazine
Four Pics in One: De Zeen Magazine

Source: Vogue. See the whole collection here!


Vania Aprilia said...

gyaaa! what a super cool collection!

Pudding Monster

sara josephine - sartob said...

oh my goodness! genius! thanks for sharing their collection, it's truly an inspiration.


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Ellyzabeth Tanaya said...

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