May 1, 2013


          It has been a busy month for me… and my classmate. Ask me why. (Why? Why? Why??) In this semester, I only have three subjects in college. Two of them are Budaya Nusantara and KSPK (similar to personality development). They are very interesting yet tiring too lol. Those subjects have so many projects to be made. As you can see in my previous post, Budaya Nusantara class needs us to prepare our show ourselves. So does KSPK. In KSPK class, we not only listen to the lecturer about personality development, but also we directly practice the theory through media such as games.
          Last week, I and my team (the same team as Budaya Nusantara’s) were struggling to make one of KSPK’s projects. We were challenged to make something inspiring from playdough. It should be something that can make a better Indonesia. Okay, challenge accepted! Before we made it, of course, we had to think the idea to be realized. It was a hard time hehehe… Suddenly, an idea popped out from my mind. It came when I saw an umbrella girl coming toward the building we were sitting inside. Yes, baby, we would make the umbrella thing in our project.
          Then, we started to make it from the raw materials: flour, dye, salt, hot water, etc. We poured and mixed them based on the color we want to make. It was really interesting though! :)

Hujan Modernitas

          Tadaaaaa….!!! After almost five hours of production, this is the first artwork we had made! The name is “Hujan Modernitas” or The Rain of Modernity. It tells us about the Indonesia’s young generation, about us. We have to keep the umbrella of nationalism’s passion on fire while the modernity that we can’t stop keep coming and showering us like the rain. Indeed, we also have to think the way out of the box how to make it happen, how to develop our heritage wealth properly. It is depicted by the boy and the girl wearing Dayak’s traditional costume walking out of the frame.

Pahlawan Toleransi Beragama

     The second artwork named by “Pahlawan Toleransi Beragama”. Indonesia has Gusdur or we know as K.H. Abdurrahman Wahid. He was the fourth president of Indonesia. He inspires us a lot because he was the single fighter man who stood up for social, religion, and nation tolerance. He was the pluralism, diversity, and democracy pillar in Indonesia. We all can’t agree more that he is an inspiring man, he inspires us and all Indonesia people.
          Do you wonder how we made the Gusdur’s face? We printed and glued it to the base. Then, we covered it all with the playdough.
          So, what do you think? I hope those artworks above will inspire you all :)
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Andudei Hardyanta said...

hahahaha, pak gusdurnya bagus, kreatif!
kuliah jurusan apa sih?

Marsela Christie said...

Thank you :)

curly purplepig said...

so cute!