June 14, 2013


     Once again, I visited Esmod Jakarta Fashion Festival. This time, I came to Hian Tjien, Imelda Kartini, and Albert Yanuar’s show (in one show parade) there. They who were Esmod Jakarta’s alumni showed me an amazing show. Most of them showed their beautiful evening gowns.
      Talking about Hian Tjen, this young designer demonstrated his dusty pale, transparent, and body fit cutting gowns. The impression of sexy and elegant burst out as much as the inspiration: transparant and illusion. The Swarovsky addition in his gowns increased the extravagant feeling of the sexy and mysterious women with their mystical sense. Some of his gowns brought me to mind the last couture of Elie Saab’s dresses at the last couture collection. Perhaps, the hair, in my opinion, should be styled another way, boho braid, maybe? I’m not a fan of high hair lol. However, the hair style indeed brought the mysterious side.

      The transition of the classic age to the middle age in the mainland of Europe and Mediterranian had been inspired Imelda Kartini in her “Late Antiquity” show. Baroque motive and the voluminous skirt became the major attention. The complexity has been the character of Imelda Kartini’s design as complex as her last design at Bretzel label in last Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) 2013. So does the headpiece’s difficulty. Anyway, the headpiece reminded us to one of McQueen’s. Don’t you think?

      La Vie Des Rose depicted us to a metamorphosis of a rose that succeed transformed into beautiful cocktail dresses and bridal gowns. Albert Yanuar brought us to wander his rose garden. Fuschia, red, pink, and white had colored the structured and motive dress that day. There were also man suits designed by Albert Yanuar. What was the unsual of his show? It was the transformation wearing. The man suits could reverse from the silver into fuschia inside. The red roses gown could also transformed not only once, but twice! Wow, I was mesmerized that time. I thought it was all done when the model lost her outer gown turning into a rose gown. Nevertheless, the rose gown turned once again into a short one. It remind me back into his show at JFW 2013. He could designed a skirt changing into an outwear. What a wonderful show.

twice transformations


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