June 15, 2013


            One show you should not miss is Jember Fashion Carnaval (JFC)’s show. This time, JFC presented “Artechsion” theme and rocked Esmod Jakarta Fashion Festival 2013. In this "Artechsion", there were sub-themes yet also being the inspirations such as Betawi, Art Deco, Venice, Bamboo, Tribes, Octopus, Beetle, Tibet, Canvas, and Spider. At the beginning of the show, JFC showed the audience the previous year costumes theme like Roman Empire and Dragon. The whole show quite represented the theme of Art-Technology-Illusion or the way we called it as “Artechsion”. The costumes were really awesome. Even the Art Deco costume could unpredictably spin like the windmill.  I felt the art when seeing the whole “Artechsion” costumes from head to toe. The costume was the media to picture the various technology on human body. We perhaps could never imagine the Art Deco could be cool like that, you know, it’s like a walking true Art Deco. Not only the Art Deco, but also the other wow sub-themes’ embodiment. Yup, it was the illusion of imagination. Thanks to the president of JFC, Dynand Fariz, who makes this amazing work and brings Indonesia by JFC into the fourth best world carnaval.

Tibet - Betawi
Art Deco - Beetle
Octopus - Tribes
Spider - Canvas
The beautiful Venice costume, as beautiful as the city :)
Dynand Fariz

(to be continued)


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great pictures! i really love the creativityyy <3<3

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