July 3, 2013


      It's been a while from my last post. I've been being busy doing my field trip and its report of course. The moment I'm waiting for is the graduation. I already think about the kebaya design to wear on in that occasion hahaha. Maybe one in white or nude color or.... a very glam one. Well, kidding. In graduation, it is not common to wear kebaya with ball gown. The usual wear is kebaya with songket or jarik fabric. Perhaps, if you will attend different occasion from mine, I can make you one kebaya with browm and black palette. Nevertheless, if you still insist to wear this design for your graduation... uyeah, breakthrough :)


jessica louro said...

I love your drawings. They are so different from I'm used to see.


Claireta Teressa said...

you are so talented at drawing!

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putrasemeru said...

very nice color ...sketc.. for kebaya

Claire said...

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PS: I love the details of the upper part of the outfit ;)