August 29, 2013


Hi I’m coming back from my long time sleep. Hehehe.
I came to many weddings these two weeks, ehm this year, or these past years. I can’t remember exactly. Attending to someone’s wedding is an honor for me since it is one of their most important days. I almost cried when I saw the ritual “sungkeman” moment. It is very sacred though. The bride and groom would ask their parent’s permission because they would walk into a new life together. I’ve never forgot bringing my tissue. The choir sang so beautiful. I saw one of the groom’s mother’s smile once at the wedding rehearsal. It was the purest smile I’ve ever seen. And yeah, she would let go her boy for marrying his dream woman.
Talking about wedding, actually, I kept my eyes on at noticing for what the bride, the groom, the wedding’s committee worn. :p
That’s all of what my thought full about this week.
The thought of wedding has inspired me to make some high-end designs in black. They are not wedding gowns. They are just some of my imagination popping out of my mind. It is just such a pity if I don’t make something from that idea and I don’t share it. The idea combined Viktor and Rolf collection last couture season with the doughnut and cashew fruit texture translated in voluminous texture. I think Tex Saverio’s goddess gowns also inspired me too. So here they are the stars!

August 15, 2013


      Hello guys! Firstable, I want to say Happy Eid Lebaran for you whom celebrate it!
     This Lebaran holiday made me more productive than usual. I made some quick sketches on my note. Perhaps, you’ve seen some of them on my instagram. But since the square-framed photo doesn’t provide a better view, I uploaded the full version sketches here. Let’s scroll your pointer down! :)

     Beside going to my grandparents’ home on this holiday, I went to Baron Beach too once. The black sands, great view, and… tons of people there! Yup, the prize of holiday season, LOL. The trip took more less 1,5 hour from my grandma’s home reaching Baron Beach. The road trip was challenging. The up-down-up-down road with the scenery of teak groups on the left and on the right side had to be passed on. The beach was pretty enough. Many visitors knowing this beach made their day there. I climbed cliff with my sister to take some of the pictures. I felt like dying when I almost reached the cliff’s peak. Haha! I need more regular exercise, don’t I? :)

     Hey, remember my paintings on this blog? I have a news for you. *drumroll* The news is they are on sale now! If you’re interested having one (or all) of them, you can check the further details on Kaskus. Indonesia only ya :)

Have an ultra great day people!

August 2, 2013


 photo n1_zps31ba7cef.jpg

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