October 17, 2013


      Welcome to my sketch kingdom again. I want to show you my latest sketch which I call it as Batik Truntum Gown. The main inspiration is surely batik Truntum that I read from Iwet Ramadhan's Cerita Batik book. I am so interested to know the story behind the batik's making. It is truly inspiring and mesmerizing. The additional things for completing the look, I used javanese dancer headpiece (quickly decided to put it on when I saw it on Didiet Maulana's instagram). It is a very vintage headpiece, but I think it gives more traditional yet elegant look as well as how the dancer gently moves. The other fabric is usually used for kebaya making.

      So, how about the story of batik Truntum? From Cerita Batik book, truntum comes from 'tinaruntum' word that means grow and bloom. It is a symbol for the growing and blooming love.
      Reputedly, this motive was taken by the Kanjeng Ratu Beruk's sadness story. Her husband, Kasuhunan Pakubuwono III was willing to marry his' mistress. She was so sad and disappointed. But  in that period, woman was forbidden to argue for her husband decision moreover whose husband was the king. Silence and hiding away the disappointment was all Kanjeng Ratu Beruk did. She also made batik to reveal her sadness. She was stunned for the beauty of bright stars in the sky in her sorrowful night. This bright star gave her bunches of hope in her dark night by notching malam over the mori fabric.
      Shortly, the king looked at the beautiful batik made by Kanjeng Ratu Beruk. Persistence, thoroughness, and love was defined beyond the batik made by Kanjeng Ratu Beruk. This made him fell in love once more to the queen. He also decided to cancel the marriage to his' mistress.
      Anyway, I submitted this design to Dewi Magazine Style Photo Contest. You can vote me by clicking my design and voting it here. Thank you!!!

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