October 5, 2013


      Today, I secretly went to my dad's office with my mother. Secretly? Yes. My dad didn't know about the arrival of both of us. Today was a special day for him since he has been officially working for the company for almost 30 years. It is not a short time, isn't it? The company's creative team has prepared this plan. The thing that my dad knew was he would come only to be awarded as one of (I forget the number) nine loyal employees. Me, my mom and the other awarded employee's family came before the event started. We suddenly came to the room where the event was held at the exact time and surprised the award achiever. You can guess, what? They were all surprised, especially my dad! Hahaha we succeed! All guests attending the event clapped and stood up giving the appreciation. These employee's family has been supported the award achiever to work hard and be loyal employees for 30 years. I almost I cried I admit. But it honestly was a sweet event. Priceless.

Sudirman street scenery from dad's office
Since my dad is a shy person, I'm sure he objects to put his photo on in this post hehehe
Thiz iz good!!

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