October 5, 2013


     I can't deny that the weeks after (almost) graduating from college are the time I'm simply being a jobless person. However, I can't turn my mind off. I always try to find some activities to do, including doodling. This time, I (despite the fact that I'm not a water color painter type) try to paint (again). I know it is not valentine day but I want to make a love story that inspires this work. Let's the story begin.

      There was a girl that recently undergo a transition into a young woman. She fell in love with a guy who coincidentally was her good friend. There was time when they did hang out together but in friend zone. She really didn't know about the guy's feeling for her because she never asked. Today, she met him again after not seeing each other for a long time. They talked again. The guys's smile melt her heart again like a thousand times. She sat next to him and said, "Why did you have such amazing smile and laugh?" He smiled again and laughed. "I do talk the truth. The most beautiful time I ever have, maybe this time, when you are being near myself and laughing freely. That is incredible," she continued. However, he continued smiling and saw her straight into her eyes deeply. No answer.
      The amazing time was over. She sat over her window's home that time. Thinking about what happening yesterday. She fell in love with him. Again. She recalled the words she had said to him. He didn't answer a word. She wondered why. Perhaps, in her mind, he might not be in love with her. She started to think the huge differences between them was one of the reason. She knew that differences could not unite them. She thought again for another reason. She felt that she was not a pretty girl that the guy desired. And she continued to look for other and other reason.
      She only looked around and daydreamed why and why. The guy never had answered because she was not brave enough to say the compliment words to him directly from her mouth. Yes, she only talked with herself.


Surya Laili said...

i love "Why did you have such amazing smile and laugh?" part. siply cute. mau dong...sekali-kali dapet ilustration dari kak marsela

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LyS Hdez said...