October 1, 2013


      After New York, London, Paris and Milan overload fashion week, I really can't wait for this year Jakarta Fashion Week. Honestly, I almost threw up rainbow in my mouth for this crazy fashion week. It is like questioning which show I'll watch first, who the designer behind these amazing labels are. However, I am still excited about JFW 2014. My favorite designers will be showed their latest collection. I will be so damn happy if I can watch them live, take some photos and of course report it in my blog. Nevertheless, this year's ticketing is quite difficult for me. I register the invitation by public and some of my favorite designers' show are not opened for public. It's so sad, isn't it? Never mind. I am still going to watch JFW btw.

The crowd from last JFW 2013
Accessories Designer Competition - JFW 2013
Stephanus Hamy's show - JFW 2013


Cranberry Shades said...

Love your blog, looking forward to put more fashion week coverage!

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