October 14, 2013


Melancholia: The Ironic Beauty ala Yogie Pratama

      Mystery is woman's self esteem. The opposite character owned by woman to cover her true feeling. The melancholy character that has puitic and romantic side is often defined as ironic side. This ironic beauty has inspired Yogie Pratama to design his latest collection titled 'Melancholia' at IPMI Trend Show 2014. Black, gold, red, and nude were four major color elements of this designer's collection who just joined IPMI.
      The show of the designer who also known as alumnus of ESMOD Jakarta in 2004 was opened in jet black and sparkly metallic sheen collection. A series of Yogie's design work performed very strongly, portrayed the exclusivity and firm side, covered the sadness and despair. Blouse, dress with lace and palazzo were presented very nicely so that the audience kept gazing.

      Design with the gold color, the color that is often used as respectable identity shield, then continued Yogie's show. Some of cocktail dresses from silk jacquard looked so glamorous and classy. Still covered with gold and red accents sprinkling, the nude long dress collection came elegantly. Red dresses in mermaid, A-line, and fitted style dramatically closed the entire Yogie Pratama's collection.

      Yogie's collection was an outstanding show with deep stories background. As the IPMI Trend Show 2014's opening designer, Yogie clearly had given a very high expectation of show among the other designers.

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Lucca Yoga said...

Dress yang tiga dari bawah keren ya, apalagi kalo dari belakang.