November 7, 2013


      There is no word that can describe what I feel now. I was officially a graduation student and happy for that. But the other side, I certainly will not see my friends again any closer because they go back to their hometown. I’m sad, yet happy too.
      Recalling back to past few months ago, my class was doing the yearbook photo shoot project. That was one of the happy moment for me even though I know organizing 34 people including me was not an easy job. So, I helped to improve the idea from my boss, Indah (hehehe) and managed the outfit things. The idea was a simple & outdoor birthday party bash. I gave the outfit rule first to give some examples to my guys with the help of my best friend, Yudho. So, they dressed up in the semi formal – casual but they were still their own style. It was neither mine nor Nylon magazine fashion spread’s style.
      Beside the outfit thing, I also helped to list the properties. Me & Indah set up the list and told the properties crew to provide the entire long list. Nevertheless, it was not only the properties crew who worked alone, my classmates, almost all of them whom I could remember so far, helped us to prepare the properties in the night before the day of photo shoot. We did it together until midnight: made the balloon blown, did the DIY confetti cut, wrapped some empty shoes boxes to be the presents, until made the fake strawberry cake with looked-so-delicious-whipped-cream.
      The day in the evening after that night, we all were ready for the shoot. A little rain dropped and the evening went so fast. But we did the shoot well.
      We were happy to see the result. Thank Indah the project leader who also was the photographer & layout designer. But, big thanks to all my classmates who made it happen.

me gave the briefing before photo shoot
our set


(to be continued...)



wow!!! love the third one!!! Now i follow youuu! Greaaat & interesting blog!!! xxx

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Thanks Gabriella :)