December 30, 2013


At the end of the year, there are a lot of wedding receptions in my country. Everyone just suddenly gets married even in his/her early age. Some of my acquaintances at college just hold their wedding after the graduation. I can’t deny that I have a lot of reception to be attended. Hehehe :p
I always pay attention not only to what the bride and groom wear in the wedding reception but also the bridesmaid and groomsman's outfit. They have to be stunning (but not more stunning than the bride or the groom, of course). Talking about the bridesmaid, they shall look pretty in a bridesmaid’s dress. If you are going to prepare the bridesmaid’s dress for your friend's wedding, lucky you because I have some options for you to choose.
Elegant and vintage are the common theme for most people’s wedding. I will pick my favorites from TBdress. These dresses are relatively inexpensive, very gorgeous, and not so fussy to wear. Do you believe me?

Long dress always steals the wedding’s attention. The white one-shoulder A-line flowers beading is very modern and fit for the bridesmaid. Bored with white color? Try the Ruched Bowknot Trumpet Mermaid V-Neck Floor-Length in brave maroon or the Chic Draped A-Line Strapless dress in pastel (peach) instead.

The Ruched Flowers Sheath Strapless Knee-Length Dress (left) and the Flowers A-line Empire Waist Strapless dress (right) above are simple yet have unique designs. In addition, those dresses have amazing flower embellishments which look so sweet and elegant. Every girl likes flower in a dress, by the way.

Bold color is a brave fashion statement. I like the way of TBdress’ dress collection. Both of blue and turquoise dresses look a like candy’s wraps, right?

Black dress is always classic and up to date at the same time. Wearing black dress can’t go wrong. Don’t you agree? Just choose the ruffle dress and the drape beading A-line black dress. For more elegant bridesmaid dresses, you can click the link here
Do not forget to match the bridesmaid dress with the wedding theme, okay? If you want to look for a gorgeous wedding dress for the bride or other vintage bridesmaid dress, please click here
I think you can wear the bridesmaid dress above to go to other occasion such as your birthday party or prom night. You just have to change the styling. See ya! :)

December 26, 2013


Shades, my latest painting on 40x50cm canvas with oil color

 I could not sleep when I wrote this draft post in the middle of night. my mind was flying about how great our God is. He really gives me what I want, yet I also think I need it, more than I need. I consider it as a christmas present. Perhaps for some of you, it is just another ordinary thing. But for me, it gives much more hope and strength. Nah, I will tell you later in my upcoming post, okay? :)

There have been so many joy and tears this year. the trial and process we have been through, I believe it teaches us to be a better person in the future. This could be my last post in 2013. I hope in 2014 there'll be so many exciting surprises coming toward us. I hope for myself, I can achieve what I want to achieve. I hope that achievement is God's purpose in my life. I really hope so :)

Merry Christmas 2013! See you in 2014! :)

December 19, 2013


Ding dong... ding dong!! The bells start ringing because christmas are coming!
Do you already have any plan at christmas time? Well, if I can answer my question myself, I have arranged some plans such as spending my christmas' eve at church, visiting my grandparents and gathering with all the family. I'm also certainly sure I'll have a lot of upcoming christmas' celebration too. I'm sure you will have at least the same plan like me.
One thing that I never forget is about what to wear at Christmas. When we have to attend many Christmas’ celebration occasion, we will wear the best outfit from our wardrobe, right? In addition, some of you may agree that we will wear different outfit to different places, won’t we? Hihihi… At least, we will change one or two (or the whole) pieces from our outfit and transform them into a new look. Are you having a hard time to choose the best outfits for attending so many Christmas’ events? I can make it easy to rock your Christmas time.
Cocktail dress with red and green nuance suits Christmas very well. I always think that wearing the semi-formal dress is the best choice for Christmas. So, here it is TBdress Christmas day outfits for women which are very fashionable yet so affordable to us.

I love and want them so bad because they are really pretty. The red long sleeve & pleat dress is perfect for you and this year’s trend. You can wear either your dark-colored flat shoes or boots to complete the look. Wear a metallic clutch to make it more gorgeous. The vintage silk floral imprint day dress next to the pleat dress is also beautiful. You can add a oversize candy color blazer and high heels. Wearing your big necklace and little blue shoulder bag is highly recommended!

The left side retro day dress is sooooo easy to be mixed & matched. The same way goes to the high waist slim day dress with classic motive at the right side one. Put on your black heels and little black shoulder bag and you are ready to go anywhere. More outfits? You should spare your time to take a look at TBdress’ website here Accessories to lingerie for Christmas’ day is available there.
Talking about accessories, I think these ultra-cute accessories from TBdress are the must have items for your perfect Christmas. The deer and socks necklace are cute!! The mini christmas tree and wreath are for the win.

If you’re not satisfied enough with my choice, don’t worry because you’re still can be inspired by other TBdress Christmas day ideas. Please visit  for more stunning Christmas’ ideas! Anyway, the items in this post are now in big sale. So, what are you waiting for? Go to TBdress’s website and shop! ;)

December 11, 2013


Me illustrated by Fahmy Haryandi
Thank you Fahmy!!!

The huge rain just dropped by. Here I am sitting in front of my computer and drinking my instant coffee. I just think why my internet connection runs so slow, like often. I called the provider to fix it and the crew came to my house few times but the connection still sucks.
Just random thoughts accross my minds.
Well, I have an uncertain length of holiday this time. Nevertheless, I keep myself busy and do things I love then. I had many good chances beforehand, the chances I've dreamed about to do the stuff that I think I'm gonna like. But, I just wasted them away. Just like that. 
I don't know the particular reason why I did that. There's a lot to be considered with. But I still have an optimist mind. I believe that the opportunity I seek will appear so soon.
I decide to have a rest a little while. I often feel so burdened and think I can't walk any further. I realize that I already run so far yet not so quick. I can say that I'm in the progress in regaining my fire back. I wish it will be worthy at the end.
            In the meanwhile of “meditating”, I do many things (I like) such as drawing, painting, making illustration, etc. It helps a lot and makes a positive thinking. Besides, I’m surrounded by good people supporting me as well. Thank God. 

*pictures below are illustrated by me* 

My best friend, Fahmy Haryandi
it was my first time at trying to draw people's face digitally :)
My sister, Novi
My best friend, Lucca Yoga, created with Samsung Note
(the two illustrations above are made by this apps too)
My best friend (again), Lucca Yoga. Today (11.12.13) is his birthday date!!
Happy birthdaaaayy!! :D
illustrated on a paper


The APPMI's post is not over yet. This is my another favorite collection.

The feminine oriental look has mesmerized me. The pretty gradation color does speak a loud.

Gregorious Vici brings us back to the old European trend. He combines the pale color with black in his wide skirt. The leaves embellishment is so amazing. The overused of accessories and huge headpieces doesn't look too much, I think, because it fits the total look well.


Today, I bring you to some of the hottest RTW items in Jakarta Fashion Week 2014, from the monochrome-colored until the sparkling colorful fashion. I collage my favorites which are made by the Indonesian talented designers, such as August Soesastro, Friederich Herman, Billy Tjong, Jeffry Tan, Yosafat Kurniawan, Major Minor, Toton, and Dian Pelangi. Enjoy!!

Clean and simple cut is always up-to-date. August makes his woman become more mature.

The black edgy jacket with geometric fish scale paneling below... I love!

The monochrome shades becomes more interesting and different by adding the gold spikes accent which is very smart.

I've never thought that the cutting of blazer can be this fun and unusual. Friederich Herman keeps his design edgy and bold and says that a woman look should be strong and cool. I love the asymmetry cutting inside the leather jacket worn by Hege Wollan!!

Playing with the digital printing is always fun, isn't it? Billy Tjong prints his design in his latest dress and bags. In addition, he also has another printing, which I prefer to, such as the nature scenery which is very cool. But, I think the wig doesn't look as natural as the printing. It would be better a ponytail or something else natural.

Ah, what can I say? If I were Rachel Zoe, I would say, "This colorful jungle print?? I die. This is Bananas!!" This "Wanderlust" collection is made by the team consisting of  Ari Seputra, Ambar Pratiwi, and Inneke Margarethe. I love the jungle-printed top with neon accent. It is so fashion-forward.

This collection as you can see, is about ocean life. It is so colorful but not shocking. It has artsy details in a very wearable outfit! I feel the ocean wave when I see the cutting of the collection. Don't you feel the same?

The hijab designer who is also known by her colorful design is showing off her talent again at JFW 2014. She brings the attendance of colorful umbrella along the show. I like the colorful beads embellishment that gives a fun and chic look at the same time.

December 5, 2013


Lucca's work

     I was so blessed that I have good friends around. Shortly, I met these amazing boys: Lucca and Fahmy. We have the same interest and just get each other since we met. I am gifted by God because they're so amazing. I couldn't be myself now at this point if I didn't meet them. They help and support me a lot. We laugh at our silly story like a lot.
     Well, the team member will decrease because Lucca goes back to his hometown. That means he will not be available in Jakarta for uncertain time. I remember the first time we met was in Lookbook Jakarta Event. We were awkward at first fifteen-thirty minutes but after that we just clicked clicked like we were old friends. Since that event, we continue the journey with Fahmy.
     I do already miss Lucca a lot (and so does Fahmy, I suppose). I always wonder why the friendship didn't start earlier so I could know him any longer. Although we three still keep in contact but I hope we can hang around again some time. I miss you Caaaaaaa....

Lucca - Me - Fahmy
Taken from Lucca's blog
Lucca's gift

The End.

December 4, 2013


Jakarta Fashion Week 2014's fever is not over. I bring you back to APPMI (Asosiasi Perancang & Pengusaha Mode Indonesia) show where I already pick my favorite looks below.


This ready to wear look has a simple way and very casual. It doesn't look too much energy but still stylish. I love the leather accent on it.

Huge headpiece and heavy material becomes one look, why not? It is surprising when you know the dress made of hundreds of scarfs. Weww!!

Glossy and minimalist look but the rich details on top is truly pretty. The dress line is gorgeous. 

What is more interesting than having a painting printed in your dress? Fuji Tjandra makes it happen in his collection titled by Asia Syndrome. The oriental women printed in the textile is awesome!

Can't agree more of the high-end and classy collection by Poppy Dharsono.

It is a sophisticated batik dress with a sense of modern style.

It is my personal favorite collection so far. I like saying to my self that one of them will be my wedding gown in the future :)

to be continued