December 5, 2013


Lucca's work

     I was so blessed that I have good friends around. Shortly, I met these amazing boys: Lucca and Fahmy. We have the same interest and just get each other since we met. I am gifted by God because they're so amazing. I couldn't be myself now at this point if I didn't meet them. They help and support me a lot. We laugh at our silly story like a lot.
     Well, the team member will decrease because Lucca goes back to his hometown. That means he will not be available in Jakarta for uncertain time. I remember the first time we met was in Lookbook Jakarta Event. We were awkward at first fifteen-thirty minutes but after that we just clicked clicked like we were old friends. Since that event, we continue the journey with Fahmy.
     I do already miss Lucca a lot (and so does Fahmy, I suppose). I always wonder why the friendship didn't start earlier so I could know him any longer. Although we three still keep in contact but I hope we can hang around again some time. I miss you Caaaaaaa....

Lucca - Me - Fahmy
Taken from Lucca's blog
Lucca's gift

The End.

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