December 11, 2013


Me illustrated by Fahmy Haryandi
Thank you Fahmy!!!

The huge rain just dropped by. Here I am sitting in front of my computer and drinking my instant coffee. I just think why my internet connection runs so slow, like often. I called the provider to fix it and the crew came to my house few times but the connection still sucks.
Just random thoughts accross my minds.
Well, I have an uncertain length of holiday this time. Nevertheless, I keep myself busy and do things I love then. I had many good chances beforehand, the chances I've dreamed about to do the stuff that I think I'm gonna like. But, I just wasted them away. Just like that. 
I don't know the particular reason why I did that. There's a lot to be considered with. But I still have an optimist mind. I believe that the opportunity I seek will appear so soon.
I decide to have a rest a little while. I often feel so burdened and think I can't walk any further. I realize that I already run so far yet not so quick. I can say that I'm in the progress in regaining my fire back. I wish it will be worthy at the end.
            In the meanwhile of “meditating”, I do many things (I like) such as drawing, painting, making illustration, etc. It helps a lot and makes a positive thinking. Besides, I’m surrounded by good people supporting me as well. Thank God. 

*pictures below are illustrated by me* 

My best friend, Fahmy Haryandi
it was my first time at trying to draw people's face digitally :)
My sister, Novi
My best friend, Lucca Yoga, created with Samsung Note
(the two illustrations above are made by this apps too)
My best friend (again), Lucca Yoga. Today (11.12.13) is his birthday date!!
Happy birthdaaaayy!! :D
illustrated on a paper

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