December 19, 2013


Ding dong... ding dong!! The bells start ringing because christmas are coming!
Do you already have any plan at christmas time? Well, if I can answer my question myself, I have arranged some plans such as spending my christmas' eve at church, visiting my grandparents and gathering with all the family. I'm also certainly sure I'll have a lot of upcoming christmas' celebration too. I'm sure you will have at least the same plan like me.
One thing that I never forget is about what to wear at Christmas. When we have to attend many Christmas’ celebration occasion, we will wear the best outfit from our wardrobe, right? In addition, some of you may agree that we will wear different outfit to different places, won’t we? Hihihi… At least, we will change one or two (or the whole) pieces from our outfit and transform them into a new look. Are you having a hard time to choose the best outfits for attending so many Christmas’ events? I can make it easy to rock your Christmas time.
Cocktail dress with red and green nuance suits Christmas very well. I always think that wearing the semi-formal dress is the best choice for Christmas. So, here it is TBdress Christmas day outfits for women which are very fashionable yet so affordable to us.

I love and want them so bad because they are really pretty. The red long sleeve & pleat dress is perfect for you and this year’s trend. You can wear either your dark-colored flat shoes or boots to complete the look. Wear a metallic clutch to make it more gorgeous. The vintage silk floral imprint day dress next to the pleat dress is also beautiful. You can add a oversize candy color blazer and high heels. Wearing your big necklace and little blue shoulder bag is highly recommended!

The left side retro day dress is sooooo easy to be mixed & matched. The same way goes to the high waist slim day dress with classic motive at the right side one. Put on your black heels and little black shoulder bag and you are ready to go anywhere. More outfits? You should spare your time to take a look at TBdress’ website here Accessories to lingerie for Christmas’ day is available there.
Talking about accessories, I think these ultra-cute accessories from TBdress are the must have items for your perfect Christmas. The deer and socks necklace are cute!! The mini christmas tree and wreath are for the win.

If you’re not satisfied enough with my choice, don’t worry because you’re still can be inspired by other TBdress Christmas day ideas. Please visit  for more stunning Christmas’ ideas! Anyway, the items in this post are now in big sale. So, what are you waiting for? Go to TBdress’s website and shop! ;)

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