January 31, 2014


"Suddenly, I burst into tears. It is sad to know that people who usually stand back to me are no longer existed. They leave one by one and I’m alone. Yes, I’m really alone.
I’m doing something impossible to do. They think I’m insane, but I know I’m not. I follow my heart. I’m walking to the path that convinces me to keep going until the final of the journey. The treasure is already waiting for me." --Sir Unknown

January 30, 2014


inspired by lotus petals - made by me

I met my old friends couple days ago. We shared our story and experience each other. I was so excited to hear what they already have achieved now. One of my best friends will finish his magister study scholarship in five years at once in fast-track program. I wonder why I became the last person to hear that?? It was really disappointing to miss such a great news. Hehe. My other friend is working right now and the other one is finishing her final college essay. I hope the best for them.
Hearing their story is kind of a mood booster for me. I‘m in charge of doing my own project now. It is quite challenging since walking contrary to the stream is not easy. I have to borrow Superman’s power to do it myself. Whatever the difficulty takes, the life must goes on.
Just let the battle begin.

January 18, 2014


The inspiration, taken from various sources at Google & Pinterest

Seeing today’s trend cycle, I think that clothing with motive detail is still being one of the main genes in our fellow high-street wear world. What makes the dominance being alive is about the variances of the motive itself, from the classic flower, Kenzo’s lion, until the 90’s logo one. Different applications are implemented to make the motive real and certainly escalate the money value of the outfit. If the clothing were a cooking process, embroidery, sticking gems & studs, tye-dye, batik, printing, laser cut, etc techniques would be the perfect ingredients to make the cake’s total appearance becomes pretty. I have to assure you first that I’m not going to talk about the “cake dough” that represents the smoothness and “taste” of the clothing fabric, but the embellishment.
All right, enough about the food monologue because (I know!) it makes us hungry.
I just think what the next booming motive is going to be. Is it going to be the glamorous, aristocratic and noble motive from Dolce and Gabbana collection? It might be. What about the classic stripes or the scenery digital printing motive? It also can be the presumption. However, I have one thought that the vintage cross stitch will be dominate the high-street brand. We know that fashion trend keeps spinning so it brings my young-aged mother’s era back to present day. The cross stitch will be adapted with today’s era and renowned in your upcoming (or it is already available nowadays too by the way) top, dress, or bottom’s wear collection.
In the other hand, we can’t forget that something called pixel is the today’s trend too. The 8 bit glasses are everywhere filling up the bloggers’ instagram #OOTD fever. We can’t agree more that the pixelated-framed glasses are too cute to be true. That’s why the fashionista/o keeps wearing them out.
There is a similarity about the pixel and cross stitch. Yes, it is the little box patterns. The broken picture caused by the low resolution unexpectedly becomes the inspiration to the high-street labels to make more collection based on it. Plus, how about replacing that broken picture with the elegant and classic motive of cross stitch? Aha! With some touches of embroidery or printing technique, the combination of cross stitch with pixel motive is simply done.:)
If I were a label designer now, I surely would make the collection in pixel/cross stitch motive like my bomber jacket design below. Well, I wish I could make more collection. Designing and drawing the pixels manually are quite tiring. Hehehe!
See ya!

Bomber Jacket with androgyny woman print and plaids accent is ready to rock the day

January 17, 2014


     “The face is a picture of the mind with the eyes as its interpreter.” ― Cicero     

Micael Reynaud's work - "Hats"

Since I was a kid, I like to copy someone’s face on a piece of paper. You may remember my previous post that I ever ‘stole’ my friend’s identity card to draw his face? LOL. Yeah, it happened. He got angry for a while after that. Hahahaha. I want to show you my classmates’ faces which I made at high school with some addition of color (because I made them in BW). The sketches are not looking alike them, I admit hehehe. I hope they don’t mind I publish their face here.

January 16, 2014


"What is more painful, to love someone who never loves you back or to love someone who hurts you even more?
I know it is painful to love someone I don’t love back. If that kind of love were mathematic calculation, if I gave him my love in amount 50, he would gave me 0.  My love would remain 50, considering that calculation came apart from other involving objects. But how about loving someone that hurts you? It would be a minus calculation. I gave him 50 and he gave me -20. The love remained only 30.
Based on my ridiculous theory, it is proven that the one that hurts you gives the more pain.
I love someone who both of persons don’t love me and hurt me. I don’t want to talk about the one who doesn’t love me back. I’m still okay with it because thanks to my theory, my love neither increasing nor decreasing. But the hurting one? I don’t know. I think I can’t stand with him anymore. He keeps saying the words which weaken me day by day. His words are undoubtedly as sharp as a sword. My hearts hurts like the broken mirror.
He says that I’m a devil, because I merely can’t fulfill his request. Why can’t I? Because I protect myself not to have bad experience by doing what he tells me. I know it is hard to understand, but I have a tough reason why. However, there are some circumstances which do not have any reason that makes him horribly angry to me.
I wonder why I keep loving him. I’m clearly angry to myself. How can I do that? I think for a while. Am I angry not because of loving him, but… because of not loving myself? Ha. It is weird. Super weird. If it is true, I have the conclusion of all this mess. Perhaps I’m just jealous, to myself." --Sir Unknown

January 15, 2014


It had an honor to be selected as one of the bloggers of the most prestigious fashion event, Indonesia Fashion Week 2013. The job desk was reporting the shows. It was exciting to sit along the press media and photographers area along the days to see the works of my country’s best designers. I could see the future trend, inspiration, artworks, newly-discovered talents, the street-stylers, celebrities (yes, local celebs were spread over the front-row seats and runway models at the shows of top designers such as Ivan Gunawan and Hengky Kawilarang) and people behind the amazing designs, of course. In addition, one of the interesting parts that I could get along and meet other bloggers fellas. I had an amazing time there. I guess other blogger will feel the same way. I’m looking forward the upcoming IFW 2014 on February. I hope the event will be bigger and better, since it brings and introduces Indonesia’s local fashion to the jungle of fashion world wide.

people behind IFW 2013
local dancers danced beautifully at IFW 2013
Designers: Marga Alam (left) - Susan Zhuang (right) at IFW 2013
Dini Pratiwi - Ayok Dwi Pancara
Ferry Daud - Vielga Wennida
all by Malik Moestaram

January 11, 2014


            I'm an introvert... I love being by myself, love being outdoors, love taking a long walk with my dogs and looking at the trees, flowers, the sky. -Audrey Hepburn 

It is still early year yet so busy one. There will be a Christmas celebration tonight and I’ll be the keyboardist. There are many songs to go: the choir’s, the soloists’, the main songs, etc. Every night was the time to practice singing with different people. I’m not used to play with various digital styles but I make it different this time. I will play it with the sound of accordion, trumpet, etc in my keyboard. I hope I can play well and do the least mistake.
There are my other things undone yet. So, I have my mind full. I have to be more ready to face this year :-)
Let’s just take a breath and see the picture above. It was taken in Pathuk, Yogyakarta, a place where you can see the carpet of green landscape. The rice-field’s water seemed like a mirror ricocheted the face of the blue sky. If our eyes were an ultra tele-conversion lens, we would see the whole city and the living down there. I feel relieved when I see this picture and imagine what was happened down there. Ah, it is God’s painting et J’adore!!

Another side of the Yogyakarta's landscape

what was going on down there? This was it. The Yogyakarta's city road in the early morning.

January 9, 2014


Hello! Long time no see.
Since I was a little girl, I love to draw anything but I have an interest in human body, especially face. As you know, there are thousands expressions which our face can make. That is very interesting. I love to imitate people’s face on a paper. The result is sometimes determined on my mood. Hehehe. Well, it is not so alike but I’m kinda like it. Fyi, when I was a high school student, I like to draw my friends’ faces, even ‘borrow’ her/his identity card merely to copy the face. Lol.
These are my latest sketches. Thanks to Samsung Note, the application that I used to draw these sketches. Btw, I already uploaded them in my instagram first. Just check it out!

Bela. She said that it doesn't look alike her. Uhm, ok ok.

my close friend, Kitty. She said that this pic is her skinnier and prettier version. LOL

Kitty, wearing dino & jungle printed blouse by me, in her birthday date :)

January 1, 2014


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 my blogger fellas!!!
How was your day today? Did you set some fireworks to enlighten the dark sky?
My big family came to my house, so I stayed at home in my new year’s eve. I was counting what was happening in my 2013’s life. There were a lot of happy things popping out of my mind. Yeah, only the good things, so I thank God for that. I asked Him so many requests and He answered me. Some of the answer had much time to wait, but it was worthy at the end.
I asked my Dad that I want to have something. Nevertheless, I can’t grant it myself, so I… just beg Him :)
Anyway, couple weeks ago, I knew there was a fashion design competition held by Samsung’s event. The whole event was introducing the latest Samsung’s gadget. There were many booths there including the fashion design one, supporting the Samsung Note application. 

Taken from Esmod twitter

The Design Your Passion and fashion design competition booth at Gandaria CIty
Pic is taken from Samsung Twitter

The competition was only to design but not to make it to be a real dress. Accompanied by my lovely big sister, Novi, I joined the competition in Senayan City. I had no idea what to design on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 as the “canvas”. I needed some time to think and to relax my right hand because it was shaking a lot hahaha! Finally, I drew this.

Feeling not so satisfied, once again, I joined the same event at Gandaria City the following week. I was accompanied by my bestfriend, (and also my gang’s member, lol) Dean. This picture below was the submitted design. I finished it almost less more than one hour.

After that, I just stayed at home, even went to my hometown, and waited for the result.
Even I drew the another Tulips collection at home. Check it out!

The night I was in Sragen, Solo, visiting my grandfather, I’ve got a call from Mbak Rita from Samsung that I had to come to Gandaria City to see the winner announcement, since I became one of the finalists. Since I was out of town, I could not come. She told me that she would let me know the further news by phone.
Two days later, my cellphone didn’t ring at all. I concluded, about the competition, that I didn’t make it and I just tried to let it go. But in the Christmas’ eve, I got a call again that I was nominated as the third winner. Oh my… I was so surprised and certainly happy of what I’ve got.
Well, for most of you, perhaps this is an ordinary story. However, winning this, even though awarded in the third place is very special for me. It is so meaningful that I have to share it to you. I thank these people, Novi and Dean who are always being in my side and supporting me to believe that my dream is real and worthy to fight for.
Thank You, my Lord Jesus for the best Christmas's gift.