January 9, 2014


Hello! Long time no see.
Since I was a little girl, I love to draw anything but I have an interest in human body, especially face. As you know, there are thousands expressions which our face can make. That is very interesting. I love to imitate people’s face on a paper. The result is sometimes determined on my mood. Hehehe. Well, it is not so alike but I’m kinda like it. Fyi, when I was a high school student, I like to draw my friends’ faces, even ‘borrow’ her/his identity card merely to copy the face. Lol.
These are my latest sketches. Thanks to Samsung Note, the application that I used to draw these sketches. Btw, I already uploaded them in my instagram first. Just check it out!

Bela. She said that it doesn't look alike her. Uhm, ok ok.

my close friend, Kitty. She said that this pic is her skinnier and prettier version. LOL

Kitty, wearing dino & jungle printed blouse by me, in her birthday date :)

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