January 18, 2014


The inspiration, taken from various sources at Google & Pinterest

Seeing today’s trend cycle, I think that clothing with motive detail is still being one of the main genes in our fellow high-street wear world. What makes the dominance being alive is about the variances of the motive itself, from the classic flower, Kenzo’s lion, until the 90’s logo one. Different applications are implemented to make the motive real and certainly escalate the money value of the outfit. If the clothing were a cooking process, embroidery, sticking gems & studs, tye-dye, batik, printing, laser cut, etc techniques would be the perfect ingredients to make the cake’s total appearance becomes pretty. I have to assure you first that I’m not going to talk about the “cake dough” that represents the smoothness and “taste” of the clothing fabric, but the embellishment.
All right, enough about the food monologue because (I know!) it makes us hungry.
I just think what the next booming motive is going to be. Is it going to be the glamorous, aristocratic and noble motive from Dolce and Gabbana collection? It might be. What about the classic stripes or the scenery digital printing motive? It also can be the presumption. However, I have one thought that the vintage cross stitch will be dominate the high-street brand. We know that fashion trend keeps spinning so it brings my young-aged mother’s era back to present day. The cross stitch will be adapted with today’s era and renowned in your upcoming (or it is already available nowadays too by the way) top, dress, or bottom’s wear collection.
In the other hand, we can’t forget that something called pixel is the today’s trend too. The 8 bit glasses are everywhere filling up the bloggers’ instagram #OOTD fever. We can’t agree more that the pixelated-framed glasses are too cute to be true. That’s why the fashionista/o keeps wearing them out.
There is a similarity about the pixel and cross stitch. Yes, it is the little box patterns. The broken picture caused by the low resolution unexpectedly becomes the inspiration to the high-street labels to make more collection based on it. Plus, how about replacing that broken picture with the elegant and classic motive of cross stitch? Aha! With some touches of embroidery or printing technique, the combination of cross stitch with pixel motive is simply done.:)
If I were a label designer now, I surely would make the collection in pixel/cross stitch motive like my bomber jacket design below. Well, I wish I could make more collection. Designing and drawing the pixels manually are quite tiring. Hehehe!
See ya!

Bomber Jacket with androgyny woman print and plaids accent is ready to rock the day


Lucy said...

So lovely! Lucy www.tpinkcarpet.com

Marsela Christie said...

Thanks Luc!! :)

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

That design is absolutely amazing! x


Marsela Christie said...

@Rosalinda thank you rosa :D