January 30, 2014


Since tomorrow is the Chinese New Year, I’m sure that everyone is preparing to celebrate it with their family now. The traditions in Chinese New Year event they usually do are cleaning house (a day before the new year’s first date), giving ang pao (the money in red envelope), serving festive foods, preparing the tray of togetherness, and certainly gathering with the family in red nuance. It is a very gala festival and makes people who even don’t celebrate the event enjoy the ambience.
Talking about the red nuance, chinesefood.about.com said that the chinese people like to decorate everything in red at new year's event. Doors and window panes are also often painted red, considered to be a lucky color. In addition, people like to hang papercuts on doors and windows. (Paper cutting is an ancient Chinese art form dating back to the Han dynasty). They also are not forget to dress themselves in red. Remember my post about Chinese New Year’s looks? I will talk about the red dress for you who celebrate the event. I have some dresses from TBDress to complete your day. If you want to wear different design, besides the high neck dress, I can give you a lot of options, they are certainly still in the red base color.

The bold red is always the favorite for Chinese New Year. Choose the simple long dress with not-so-fussy little detail. From the A-Line One-Shoulder Floor-length Beading Dresses' bow detail in the waist until the Renata's Dress' flower in the strap are always catching everyone’s attention. Mix them with your dark-colored accessories and shoes. You will be effortlessly glamour.

The lighter shade of red is the next option. From the simplest dress named Graceful Ruched A-Line Strapless Floor-Length Yana's Dress (the third one from left), until the full-detailed One Shoulder Floor-Length Taline's evening dress (the second one from the left) are ready to rock your day. Mix them with peach or white clutch. It must be perfect.

Let’s meet the younger sister of red: the sweet pink. It is not a mainstream color that people usually wear in Chinese New Year. But still, you can wear it along the day to replace your main red dress or just to have a back-up plan one. *wink wink*

And finally this is my most favorite dress from TBDress named Charming Ruched A-Line Sweetheart Neckline Floor-Length Bridesmaid Dress. I love the white on the top and the bow in the waist. It is so unique indeed.

Anyway, are you still curious about the other red dress collection? TBDress has maaaaaaany of them in their site. Seek them out in TBDress' semi formal wedding dress collection and click here http://www.tbdress.com/Formal-Semi-Formal-Dresses/. For more eyecandies dresses, please visit TBDress' glamorous wedding dress collection here http://www.tbdress.com/Glamorous-Bridesmaid-Dresses/Bon appétit!
Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

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