January 1, 2014


HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 my blogger fellas!!!
How was your day today? Did you set some fireworks to enlighten the dark sky?
My big family came to my house, so I stayed at home in my new year’s eve. I was counting what was happening in my 2013’s life. There were a lot of happy things popping out of my mind. Yeah, only the good things, so I thank God for that. I asked Him so many requests and He answered me. Some of the answer had much time to wait, but it was worthy at the end.
I asked my Dad that I want to have something. Nevertheless, I can’t grant it myself, so I… just beg Him :)
Anyway, couple weeks ago, I knew there was a fashion design competition held by Samsung’s event. The whole event was introducing the latest Samsung’s gadget. There were many booths there including the fashion design one, supporting the Samsung Note application. 

Taken from Esmod twitter

The Design Your Passion and fashion design competition booth at Gandaria CIty
Pic is taken from Samsung Twitter

The competition was only to design but not to make it to be a real dress. Accompanied by my lovely big sister, Novi, I joined the competition in Senayan City. I had no idea what to design on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 as the “canvas”. I needed some time to think and to relax my right hand because it was shaking a lot hahaha! Finally, I drew this.

Feeling not so satisfied, once again, I joined the same event at Gandaria City the following week. I was accompanied by my bestfriend, (and also my gang’s member, lol) Dean. This picture below was the submitted design. I finished it almost less more than one hour.

After that, I just stayed at home, even went to my hometown, and waited for the result.
Even I drew the another Tulips collection at home. Check it out!

The night I was in Sragen, Solo, visiting my grandfather, I’ve got a call from Mbak Rita from Samsung that I had to come to Gandaria City to see the winner announcement, since I became one of the finalists. Since I was out of town, I could not come. She told me that she would let me know the further news by phone.
Two days later, my cellphone didn’t ring at all. I concluded, about the competition, that I didn’t make it and I just tried to let it go. But in the Christmas’ eve, I got a call again that I was nominated as the third winner. Oh my… I was so surprised and certainly happy of what I’ve got.
Well, for most of you, perhaps this is an ordinary story. However, winning this, even though awarded in the third place is very special for me. It is so meaningful that I have to share it to you. I thank these people, Novi and Dean who are always being in my side and supporting me to believe that my dream is real and worthy to fight for.
Thank You, my Lord Jesus for the best Christmas's gift.


fahmy haryandi said...

I'm happy for you marsela.
btw, which one design that bring you become a third winner? tulips collection or the simple blue? *just wondering*

Marsela Christie said...

@fahmy thank youuuu my deaaarrr ♥♥♥ gak nanya sih kmrn, tar kutanya deh ya

Vittoria Noeve said...

Sekolah fashion design ya?

Marsela Christie said...

@vittoria I wish :)