February 7, 2014


I believe that every man is gifted but most people never open their package. (I tweeted it before -and it was me who said that- but someone quoted & credited it by unknown ahaha-). We can't blame people who just abandon their gift. They may not realize it yet or they let it closed because they have prior responsibilities due to their own life and just open another package. How about people who have opened their prizes? They should be thankful, of course, and use it wisely.
I think this quote merely sees another man's flaws than seeing one in ourselves. A proverb says that the grass is always greener on the other side. Nevertheless, it is not only the good thing in people that we see, but also their bad thing. We often think about someone else's life and forget to think over ourselves. The "every man is gifted but most people never open their packagequote perhaps also can be reviewed in another perspective: to look over ourselves. We all have talent so we can live our life thoroughly. We may be proud of it but we shall not be conceited. We shall keep looking for the potency that God gives to us to help other people. So, we maybe still have the biggest package in our life... and we just don't open it yet.

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