February 28, 2014


It is July, my birthday month, but I already have some stuffs I crave for my birthday. (It is still less more five months and counting). This is not random wishlist because the wishlist itself can be found in Zocko. “Tell me what Zocko is. What is Zockoooo???” Man come on?? Seriously you don’t know what Zocko is? Where have you been all this time? I wonder even people in Pluto knows about Zocko. Okay, quick explanation. Zocko is a cool tool for social influencers to share products on social media and get rewarded. You can sign up now to www.zocko.com and share the product’s link that you love in your twitter/fb/instagram etc. If there’s someone buy the product from the link you share, you will get $$$. You can also buy the product you love yourself and get cash back. Wow! Cool, right? Anyway, how about going back to my wishlist? You probably will have the same one like me and can find it out at Zocko easily. Here we gooooo guuuuysssss!!

1. iPhone. Who’s not craving for an iPhone? It is very sophisticated, handy and almost can do everything. I don’t have one, but I wish I had!! I wish for iPhone 5 or 5s. (giving a code to Zocko :P) Btw, you can find the iPhone 5 White here at Zocko.
2. Bracelets. I go everywhere with my (many) bracelets and my watch. I need more and more bracelets. I found many cool bracelets including the Marc Jacobs’ Leather ID Bracelet and Kiel James Patrick’s Rope Anchor Bracelet. They’re really quite expensive but they are too pretty. Okay, save the money now for these babies!
3. Necklace. Beside the bracelets, I’m mad about necklaces. I have plenty of them and still feel hungry. You know what, I usually buy the necklaces somewhere far from my house but now there's a necklace named Lucky Necklace that is very affordable for me. In addition, it comes from a local e-commerce so it will be easier for me (& you) who especially live in Indonesia to get it in minutes!! (after paying it of course :P)
4. Watch. Watch is very important for me, for you too I know. Choosing the right watch is (in bahasa Indonesia we call it) “gampang gampang susah” or if we can force translating it as “easy easy difficult” yes haha.. It has to be accurate and stylish at the same time, don’t you agree? So, I choose the colorful one because all mine are in neutral color. It is Sky by Swatch. The colorful shade is not too bright and fits in any outfit.  Purrfectionn!
5. Batik Blouse. The next wishlist of mine is a Batik Blouse. I need this for me who like to attend to both of formal and casual event. In addition, it can be mixed and matched easily from feminine to edgy look. Do not believe me? Try this Blouse Batik Printing provided by Zocko... or you can try Zocko’s Vanila Peplum Blouse.
6. Docmart’s Boots. I always crave for Docmart’s shoes (yup, I don’t have ones). They’re really sexy because they fit in any look whether my outfit’s mood goes to pants or skirt. Color? Hmm.. I want the maroon Dr. Martens The Eye Boot. But if there’s someone insisted to give me the black ones? I can’t deny, babe.
7. Sweatshirt. Jakarta is still in rainy season. There is big rain everywhere and we are completely freezing here. Sweatshirt is the answer. I’m craving for this Beard Latters Print Sweatshirt and the Volcano printed sweatshirt. Meanwhile, I still can wear it in dry season or summer because I’m sure it still can be a stylish item yet it is not so hot to be worn (so it doesn't make me sweating too much!).
8. Unique Cap. I don’t really need a cap now btw but Zocko has many hippie and cute caps to be bought. I pick this Haters Cap because it is simple but has deep meaning, rite? *brb diligently collecting rewards from Zocko to buy the cap*
9. Backpack. I need backpack so much, especially from Jansport and named Superbreak Cabana Backpack. It is really pretty and I think it can carry all my stuffs inside. I’m sure too that I can carry much compliments because of wearing this awesome bag. Don’t believe me again? Try to buy this one.
Yup, that’s it, my wishlist. I hope I can have them all in my birthday (or sooner I wish). I have to hurry on buying these stuffs or I know you will precede me instead hahaha… I have some tips too, if you like those stuffs above and have no clue how to wear them. Lucky you *drumroll* I have the solution for you guys. I make the styling illustration below themed “Twinnie” with all supporting stuffs by Zocko in average price under $100/item. (I know we hate pricey stuffs, don't we?! :)) Okay, I hope the styling works for you. This post is participated in Zocko’s blog competition too. Wish me luck! I hope I win and get the prize as well!! Au revoir!!


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