February 14, 2014


Today is still February 14th and Valentine day. Actually, I rarely celebrate it but I enjoy the ambience a lot, include hoping there will be someone who gives me any present. Hahaha..  My friends in elementary school were the coolest people. They were just children that time but they loved me so much that they gave me tons of chocolates and diary book. Sweet, right? But now I don’t want any chocolate or diary. I need clothes, especially from www.zocko.com please. Yeeesss… why? It is because Zocko provides nice clothing that not only every girl but also every boy craves for. Zocko already picks the best products for us so we can choose the products easier. Believe me.
If you’re going to give me any Valentine’s gifts, now I show you some outfits I love to wear from Zocko's picks. I styled them into six cool looks. If you’re going to celebrate the Valentine day, I assure you that the styling is worthy to try. I wear all stuffs from www.zocko.com. I also draw the illustration myself to portray the styling. Enjoy!

Compact Bustier Dress http://zocko.it/LWKx
Eiffel Tower Sweater http://zocko.it/LVCS
Jocel Glasses http://zocko.it/LVBY
Ankle Strap Sandal http://zocko.it/LVEY

Pink or red is always the color of Valentine’s day. I wear these color elements to the first and second styling. You can wear your dress and very cool Eiffel sweater (Oh… J’adoreee!!!). Put on the Mira Bag, the cap, and ankle strap sandals together. If you like to wear any additional accessories, the Jocel glasses are perfect. But make sure that you don’t cross your heart or stick a needle in your eye while wearing these glasses. Just… don’t. 

Front Drape Blouse http://zocko.it/LWMD
Betty Bubble Necklace http://zocko.it/LWLP
Lady in Peach http://zocko.it/LWLy
Slim Crop Jeans http://zocko.it/LWLz
Baseball Cap http://zocko.it/LVCO
Lock & Key Tote http://zocko.it/LVG5

For you the girly woman type, you can wear the draped blouse.  Wearing another shade of red, why not? Mix the blouse with another red in your jeans and shoes. Neutralize them with the grey and black necklace and tote bag. Don’t want to play safe? This amaaaaazzzzzzziiiiing baseball cap is indeed your new friend.

Transparent Envelope Clutch Bag http://zocko.it/LVFi
High Tea Necklace http://zocko.it/LWLP
Tokay Heels http://zocko.it/LWLT
Miami Sunglasses http://zocko.it/LWLS
Vintage Delilah Dress http://zocko.it/LWLV

The third and fourth styling are based on yellow shade. This color is bright and very passionate. Wearing something bright always makes our face’s bright too, you know that? The pretty Delilah dress is simply stylish. Mix it with neutral color and let the color pops. The black heels and necklace and also the stunning transparent envelope clutch bag are wholeheartedly right, my dear. Give a little bit of color by wearing the Miami sunglasses.

Die Hipsters T-Shirt http://zocko.it/LWMG
The Tollie Shoes http://zocko.it/LWMH
Chartreuse Soft Tweed Skirt http://zocko.it/LWMJ
Native Stripe Snapback Hat http://zocko.it/LWMK
High Tea Necklace http://zocko.it/LWLP

We are still talking about yellow and black. Try to wear the fun “Die Hipster” with the vintage Chartreuse Soft Tweed Skirt. Put on the Tollie Shoes, necklace, Olla bag, and the hippie Native Stripe Snapback Hat.

Playing Card T-Shirt http://zocko.it/LVH5
High Tea Necklace http://zocko.it/LWLP
Tapestry Casual Boots http://zocko.it/LWML
Missoni Tube Skirt http://zocko.it/LVJr
Miami Sunglasses http://zocko.it/LWLS

The last styling is about motive and motive. It is very fun to hit motive, isn’t it? The boyish “Playing Cards” T-shirt and the Missoni Tube Skirt are the best. Give a green touch from the Sasha Bag and Tapestry Casual Boots. After that is all in your hand. You can add the black-gold High Tea necklace and yellow-blue Miami sunglasses.

Yohji Yamamoto Low-Tops http://zocko.it/LWMM
Twist Stripe Scarf http://zocko.it/LVJF
Coffee Drawstring Purse http://zocko.it/LWMR
Print Sweatshirt http://zocko.it/LWMN
Flower Print Cropped Trousers http://zocko.it/LWMP

The last look, but not the least, is inspired from the “it now trend” stylish sporty shoes and digital printing thing. I love Yohji Yamamoto Low-Tops and the volcano sweatshirt. Wear also the flower-printed trousers, the coffee drawstring purse, and twist stripe scarf. You are ready to have a romantic jogging time with your boyfriend. Nice idea.
How about the styling? I hope you’ll like it. If you are craving for the goods in this post just don’t hesitate to go to www.zocko.com, sign up and shop. You will spend a lot of time scrolling your mouse when browsing Zocko's website, I already warn youuu, since they have thousands of cute products from more than 500 global and local brands that you don't want to miss. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now, get the access to buy your favorite things and even get rewarded! Have a nice day! Bye!

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