February 21, 2014


"No one realizes how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old, familiar pillow." – Lin Yutang

Travelling Inspiration
Clockwise from Top:
Born In Canada iPhone 5 Case http://zocko.it/LVIz
Jukebox CD Player and Radio http://zocko.it/LVMT
Keep Calm & Carry On Water Bottle http://zocko.it/LVGd
French Franc Pillow http://zocko.it/LVIZ
Travel Range Wallet http://zocko.it/LVL7
Marilyn Monroe Latte Mug http://zocko.it/LVKE
Cityscape Umbrella http://zocko.it/LVGD
American Fashion Travel Book http://zocko.it/LVDB
1000 Places to See Before You Die Book http://zocko.it/LVJ2
Taxi Driver iPhone 5 Case http://zocko.it/LVK3
Tube Station Clock http://zocko.it/LVNF
New York Map Hardcase For iPhone 5 http://zocko.it/LUzP

      I don’t have any wish list for travelling honestly since I’m not really into it. I enjoy sitting at home and doing something productive. Haha… Nevertheless, even though I’m not a kind of a traveler man, I enjoy going somewhere unique and beautiful. (thanks to my opposite personality). My last trip was going to Pari Island last year (yeah, it was a very long time ago) with my classmates. Besides enjoying the beauty and the peace in Pari Island, me and my classmates were enjoying the togetherness between us. That was a memorable trip, and a farewell too at once.

1. Milano Stazione Centrale Ferrovie – Milan Train Station   2. Milan Duomo Twilight, Italy   3. Italy St Peters Basilica   4. Descending The Trail Into Vernazza From Monterosso, Cinque Terre   5. Leaning Tower Of Pisa   6. Sandolo Da Barcariol   7. Naviglio Grande, Milano   8. Sunset Over Grand Canal, Venice,   9. Rialto Bridge

      Going back to the holiday thing, I certainly have a dream country to visit. In addition, I dream to build my future living house in this country. From a line of beautiful places listed in my mind, my heart fall in Italy, a beautiful country where its classic buildings and the culture interests me so much. Before moving permanently to Italy (I really wish!), how about talking about travelling to Italy and do some researches about fabulous places there? I have never been going there, so I prepare what to bring (besides bring the clothes of courseon my bag in general when I travel over Italy with some of Zocko's stuffs. (Amazing products are chosen by Zocko to be shared by the social influencers on social mediaJust click the link to know further about Zocko & the products! :)) 

Dolomites, Italy

Clockwise from top:
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Hype Tri Nature Backpack http://zocko.it/LVEJ
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Student Cloud Break Backpack http://zocko.it/LVFx
Superbreak Shore Break Backpack http://zocko.it/LVFG
RAW Yeti Backpack http://zocko.it/LVoE
Canvas Backpack With Aztec Print http://zocko.it/LWHb

      Since I love to wear backpack, the first thing pops in my head what to bring in Italy is a backpack! You know why? Backpack is very simple and useful, hence it can carry many things inside. Umm… the confusing thing is which one is going to be brought to travel since Zocko has many bag choices to pick hahahaha..

What are the stuffs inside the backpack?

Clockwise from Top:
Hasselblad Lunar http://zocko.it/LVBC
100 Things Tote http://zocko.it/LVE1
Keep Calm & Carry On Water Bottle http://zocko.it/LVGd
Travel Range Wallet http://zocko.it/LVL7
Venice Sunglass Case http://zocko.it/LVCd
La Une Sunglasses http://zocko.it/LVAu
Pocket Notebook http://zocko.it/LVCq
Takeout Menu Organizer http://zocko.it/LVGT
Travel Wallet http://zocko.it/LVFX
Mini Samurai Umbrella http://zocko.it/LUzy
New York Map Hardcase For iPhone 5 http://zocko.it/LUzP
iPhone 5 White http://zocko.it/LVNO
Powerbank Magic Box http://zocko.it/LVn9
Multifunction Protable Power Supply http://zocko.it/LVnf

Camera: You know how it works ;p definitely to capture our beautiful moments and scenery in Italy. This Hasselblad Lunar from Zocko is yummeehh!!
Lightweight Tote Bag: We fill with the souvenirs we buy! I may buy many souvenirs btw so I will collect another tote from 100 Thing Tote.
Water Bottle: Saving us from thirsty. The "Keep Calm & Carry On" bottle is so England. Maybe next trip?
Wallet: Keeping our euros and debit/credit card neatly. Hope the map of Italy can't be seen very clearly on this look-alike-map Travel Range Wallet or I will rip out my map.
Sunglasses! They are purposed to cover our confused face while lost in Italy, anyway. Hahaha.
Organizer or Notebook: Perhaps?
Travel Wallet: Saving your passport or visa, maps and other needed documents.
Umbrella: It is useful every time, whenever the weather becomes very hot or rainy one. Try to have one from Zocko: Mini Samurai Umbrella!!! It is pretty weirdly awesome.
Cellphone (and the case, additionally!): Besides to call or text someone, we can see the digital map and route easily (and of course our favorite digital books too, no more sweaty!). I choose Iphone 5 or 5s to accompany me along the travel because it is so sophisticated.
Powerbank: It is necessarily needed to plug in our cellphone or camera battery in order we can keep updating our latest travel news in instagram, path, and twitter. :p This Powerbank Magic Box is 13000 mAh, say no to being isolated!
Small flashlights: Walks of Italy says, “Not strictly necessary, but handy, whether for fiddling with the impossible-to-figure-out lock of your bed and breakfast or looking at a map at night, or for peering into a crevice in a catacomb. Bonus: They make these small and powerful these days, so there aren’t any space issues.

Cala Dogana, Italy

Some other important tips what to bring from Journey Woman and Travel Tips USA Today:

Tissues: To double as toilet paper. There will inevitably be places that are lacking
Band Aids and moleskin: In case of foot blisters.
Cover-Ups for anything sleeveless: At Saint Peter’s in Rome, you’ll be turned away if your shoulders aren’t covered, and all those many churches in Italy with the beautiful masterpieces inside would prefer that you follow the shoulder-cover modesty when you enter.
Copy of your passport, credit card numbers, and toll-free numbers: to call in case of credit card loss. Give another copy and your itinerary to someone who can easily be reached, so they can be sent to you if necessary. Before you go, call your bank and credit card companies to give them a heads up, as in these days of high security, they may block your card if they aren’t forewarned about your foreign spending.
Pages of guidebooks: Rip out those that apply to your destination. Don’t take the whole heavy book.
Streetwise Maps: for the cities you’ll be visiting. These laminated, purse-friendly, well-indexed maps are far superior to
the ones hotels and tourist kiosks hand out. You can buy them in U.S. bookstores or online: www.streetwisemaps.com.
Tips: Leave all valuables at home; pack only costume jewelry and inexpensive watches; petty thieves can be found in Italy's major cities. Take only one bag to Italy, especially if you plan to train-travel around the country. 

      So, what is missing from my bag? Please tell me in comment box below. I wish I can go Italy someday. :)) Happy holiday!

Thanks to Noupe.com for all lovely pictures of Italy
and Zocko for all cute stuffs. Just sign up and shop at Zocko now to get your favorite things and get cashback/rewards instead! ;)

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