March 29, 2014


Hello guys, we meet again in the #OOTD post. Alike the previous post, I use all clothing from (Don’t know about Zocko? Just simply open a new tab and search!) Oh, I forget to introduce you to the girl in this illustration, Ms. Macaroons, or you can call her Ms. Mac. She likes bags a lot especially the tote bag. If in the previous post she wore Decorative Flap Shopper Bag, this time she wears Saffiano-Effect Tote Bag. (uh I think they pretty similar bags, Miss) I’m envy of what she’s wearing, aren’t you feel the same? Well, she hires me to be her personal stylist and I will work very well, Miss!

March 27, 2014


Hi guys remember when I blogged about winning Zocko blog competition? Well, the euphoria still sorely explodes for me so I make this post. Let’s meet the new column in this blog that I present for you now… *drumroll* --> #OOTD! Yes.. the hashtag is so trending in both of instagram and twitter, right? This post is about my version of Outfit Of The Day. The post contains my illustration work that is similar with my previous post about Zocko. It also talks about the clothing I like and styling works of mine. If you like the stuffs I post here and have an interest of owning them, don’t worry because I provide the link where you will be directed to the stuffs’ e-commerce and you can have them in a minute. It's very fun, right? :)

March 26, 2014


Someone said that good food and good internet connection boost the mood. I can’t agree more of what he said, especially the internet thing. Lately, my internet connection keeps running very low, that’s why I keep complaining about that too. Even it affects my personal computer so it is broken now :< (yes because I knowledgeably acted like I were a geek pro and tried to fix the probs myself…) Hahaha but I still can connect my internet to laptop though, so I can post this post. Yes babe this is the face post, where else can you find any post like this, huh?

Jeremy Scott, Moschino designer

Ruby from Ruby and Rosa
Rosa from Ruby and Rosa

March 22, 2014



Koleksi Lenny Agustin seperti biasanya menggunakan warna-warna yang ramai seperti rambut para model-modelnya. Dengan mengusung tema “Radin”, Lenny memadupadankan material batik dengan bahan plastik transparan serta hiasan bunga-bunga tiga dimensi menjadi cocktail dresses yang cute.

March 21, 2014


Said Mahrouf, desainer asal Morocco, memamerkan busana feminimnya dengan desain drapery yang menawan. Koleksi tersebut kesemuanya menggunakan gradasi warna abu-abu dalam material sutra polos.

March 20, 2014

IFW 2014 - VOTUM


Koleksi gaun bertaburan bunga yang playful nan elegan masih dihadirkan oleh label Votum di IFW 2014. Dengan desain klasik ala 60-an, sederetan busana yang dirancang oleh Sebastian Gunawan dan Cristina Panarese ini menggunakan detail color-blocking flower serta motif cetak bunga yang terinspirasi dari Hokokai dan Peranakan. Warna-warna koleksi yang bertajuk “Full Blossom” ini pun dihadirkan dengan warna cerah berseri seperti celosia, freesia, dazzling blue dan cayenne.

March 19, 2014


It was almost 3 a.m in the morning. but I still woke up and wrote this post.  I’m crazy about blogging. Lol. Nope. I just love to share what I have, like it is very amazing to see people happy when they receive my illustration gift. I’m not a pro. I just like to doodle. This is the post about the behind the scene work of mine and the unpublished one. I like to save my unfinished work and show it to people asking their opinion about it –yeah, unlike the other artisan, I think. Maybe, you can guess every person of each undone & raw illustration? The hint is available in other “Face” post. Let’s check them out here :) Face part 123 – 45.

Andien, a singer
Andien in Moschino
the behind the scene of my work that you are exclusively seeing first here right now
my friends at highschool and I drew it around 2009

March 18, 2014


"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work."
Colin Powell

Last Thursday was one of my most important history. The beginning of this story was started when I knew about Zocko ( and the blogging contest. I was almost late for the first challenge but I made it! I sketched very fast and yeah it was tiring though my hand kept drawing. So did the second and third challenge. (And oh I didn’t do any sketch in second challenge but only texts and pic collage because I was busy in Indonesia Fashion Week 2014.) It was not hard yet not too easy to make an illustration since I wanted to make it at its closest to the real stuffs. Since then I was invited to Zocko’s blogger party twice. Even the CEO tweeted that he liked my post. Hahaha that was awesome. At the first blogger party with other fashion blogger (accompanied by my bestie, Fahmy), I was a little bit shocked that my illustration was in Zocko’s team power point presentation. Hahahaha… The work is paid off because at the second blogger party (with some famous Indonesian blogger too) accompanied with my complete besties Fahmy & Lucca, I was announced as the winner who got the grandprize iPhone 5s. Wow, thank you so much Zocko. I stop buying any phone magazine (to look for any cellphone reference for myself) now. Lol… Mbak @miund also said to me “Selamat ya, niat bgt sih kamu bikinnya.” Hahahah yes, Mbak I always niat when I blog something :) 

Please look up to links below to know about the competition's blog post entries :)

Mbak Marla giving the explanation about
Happy face while holding the prize & taking a pic with the CEO, Carlos & Mbak Marla
with the winners
With the Zocko's complete team
DJ performance
the crowd
hey why did I and Fahmy always spotted at food corner?
my kids, Lucca & Fahmy
Taking a pic with my kids
The last pic before that dreamy night ended :)
all pics belong to Zocko

March 14, 2014


An illustration from me & A Stack of Macaroons by the sweet & talented Yutiks

Today was an unusual day. I still can’t believe my eyes of last night event. Hahaha, ok I will tell it later on my next post OR you can just stalk my tweets for quick update. Well, while I’m now typing this post, I’m listening to Au Do Dalan I songs in youtube which have a nice arrangement. The song is for my church choir rehearsal tonight so a little practice is needed for myself. Enjoy the illustrations!

Cathy Sie from Petiteness in a blouse inspired by McQueen collection
Lulut Marganingtyas from  When Black Meets Beige in Givenchy
Danny Suyandi from Rebellishoes in Burberry Prorsum

March 12, 2014


This post contains my other illustrations made by truly yours, myself. These pictures are people in my life: my sister and best friends. My days were very productive by drawing them hehe and it was more fun though knowing they were in love in their own pictures/illustrations. 

my bestfriend, Lia, wears my creation
my sister, Laras, wears my creation
my bestfriend, also my college buddy, Chris, wears Dolce & Gabbana A/W 2014
my bestie, Yudho, wears Burberry Prorsum