March 19, 2014


It was almost 3 a.m in the morning. but I still woke up and wrote this post.  I’m crazy about blogging. Lol. Nope. I just love to share what I have, like it is very amazing to see people happy when they receive my illustration gift. I’m not a pro. I just like to doodle. This is the post about the behind the scene work of mine and the unpublished one. I like to save my unfinished work and show it to people asking their opinion about it –yeah, unlike the other artisan, I think. Maybe, you can guess every person of each undone & raw illustration? The hint is available in other “Face” post. Let’s check them out here :) Face part 123 – 45.

Andien, a singer
Andien in Moschino
the behind the scene of my work that you are exclusively seeing first here right now
my friends at highschool and I drew it around 2009

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How talented! Thanks for visiting my blog ;) How do you like it?

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