March 7, 2014


Last week I was invited to first blogger party. There were other fashion bloggers too invited to this event. In this event, Zocko talked about “what is Zocko” and creative ways to share Zocko’s product. Me and the fashion bloggers were introduced too with the Zocko team such as Carlos (Zocko’s CEO), @Miund, @yodeesigner, Marla, and Nidi. They were so friendly! And  when we were about going home, Zocko’s team had a surprise gifts for us: an illustration for each of us created by the talented Ms. Yutiks!! Loveeee!!
You still don’t know about Zocko? Just check the website or you can check my posts about it in trilogy: TOP SIX PRETTY LOOKS FOR VALENTINE'S DAY FROM ZOCKO WHAT TO BRING ON YOUR BAG IN ITALY and MY TOP NINE BIRTHDAY WISHLIST FROM ZOCKO. Check the photos below to feel the event's crowd.

Mbak Nidi sang for us before the event started
speakers: (top) Carlos - @miund - Marla (bottom) yutiks - Nidi - dj
cool keyboard
with Fahmy talking with Mbak Miund and eating~ lol
Yutiks' work..cute rite??
spotted! me and my blog!!
Lulut Marganingtyas - me - Fahmy
Gabriella Olivia - me - Fahmy - Mitha Komala
groupie photo before we went home!
photosource: - Fahmy Haryandi - my documentation

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Marta said...

Hello from Spain: great pics... very interesting.. keep in touch