April 30, 2014


Karlie Kloss may say on Victoria's Secret's instagram that the perfect gift for Mother's Day are perfume, flowers or breakfast in bed. But I think the perfect gift can be anything as long as we give it with love and compassion to our mother. Even we know maybe our mother won't ask anything, do they? Nevertheless, giving a present in their special day may surprise them and make them happy too. Since I love dresses and shoes, I suggest you to give your mother those presents. Fortunately, www.tbdress.com has all complete gifts we need. Check them out!
1. All-Match Cross Beading Bateau Long Sleeve Shirt
2. Luxury Split Joint Short Sleeves Lace Base Shirt
3. Fashionable Black Round Neckline Long Sleeves Laciness Blouse
4. Brilliant Round Neckline Embroidery Bright diamond Blouse
5. Charming Bat Sleeves Loose Handmade Beaded Silk Like Blouse
6. Handsome Velvet Black Sleeveless Blouse
Black blouse is always classy and elegant. I pick the classic design which has eternal style. I know it is perfect for any mother in the world. I love all these six blouses from TBDress. They also can easily be mixed and matched with skinny jeans or just pencil skirt.. or some vintage outwears. Maybe you can buy two blouses but the same design for you and your mom in the special day. Hey, why not??

1. Fashion Loose Round-Neck Falbala Short Sleeve Blouse With Belt
2. Fashion European Style Irregular Hem Sleeveless Round Neckline Blouse
3. Elegant Sleeveless Hem Women Tank Top 
4. Glory Flowers Print Loose Round Neckline Short Sleeves T-shirt
I also pick other blouses in other color but it still sticks to elegant and timeless style. For the example, I have this white blouse with a cute obi belt or the brown blouse with a black belt. I also have an interesting blue blouse with asymmetry peplum which is awesome. Bored with plain color? Try this vintage colorful floral blouse that is more casual and fun.

1. Noble Silver PU Upper Stiletto Heels Open-toes Wedding Shoes
2. Sexy White Patent Material Wedges Women Pumps
3. Graceful Rhinestone Low Heels Gloden Open-toe Women Sandals
4. Black Oil Shin Closed-toe Stiletto Pumps with Buckle
5. Elegant Black Peep-toe Stiletto Heels Women Sandals
6. 2013 New Style Leather Upper Stiletto Heels Women Shoes
7. Brilliant Snake Stiletto Heel Lace Up Women Sandals
The last gifts I recommend are… shoes!! Yes, which woman who doesn’t like shoes anyway? I have all colors you need. I have simple designs like shoes no 1, 4, and 5 which fit perfectly for mother who has neat and simple personality. I have also a little bit quirky shoes. Uhm, I’m not sure it is fire or leaves motifs but the shoes are cool. These unusual shoes are for your fashionable mother indeed. More fresh colors, I have these orange-red shoes no 6 and the sexy snake shoes no 7. The last is a pair of cool sandals which have many gorgeous gems. Cool for a walk!

That’s it guys. Treasure more awesome and perfect stuffs for your mother yourself at www.tbdress.com! Or you just have to go to the mother’s day gift collection here http://www.tbdress.com/topic/MothersDay/. Happy searching!

April 28, 2014


You have been waiting all your life. You use your patience to stay fine
Time moves on as you prepare. To tell yourself be reasonable
 Then come the times you can't foresee. You cannot leave, you can't release
To keep you far from those dreams. Ignoring the right times, oh waiting was my life

For now it's too late and you may not wait. And things that I have yet to know
Vanish before they're complete. I may turn around to see if you're still there
But as for now, it's just not safe. Maybe you'll wait for me, maybe you're gone

You've been preparing all your life. And you've had some trouble getting it right
And you try to tell yourself. It may work as it should
 But something good can do much harm. And good may kill for your embrace
To keep you far from those dreams. You know you cannot dream, I'm stuck for now, it seems

For now it's too late and you may not wait. And things that I have yet to know
Vanish before they're complete. I may turn around to see if you're still there
But as for now, it's just not safe. Maybe you'll wait for me, maybe you're gone
(Sondre Lerche)

 Gothie Gaurie Bracelet (customized as necklace)

April 26, 2014


Another bright local brand's ready to wear collection are brought by 8Eri the label. The bamboo has inspired the designer Eridani to make the urban collection that is very chic and edgy even though in loose outfits. Some drapery and color-block are seen in this collection.

April 24, 2014


      "If you do what you need, you’re surviving. If you do what you want, you’re living."       - Unknown

A friend once had ever said on her instagram that time is what we want most, but what we use worst. It is true. It is like saying "we will have a diet today" but we keep procrastinating in action until we realize that we just waste the time away. That time we will start to say "why didn't I start yesterday, last week, last month etc?". 
You have your time now. So do I. The time to make a better life, to pursue the dream. Some of my college friends are in internship now. They choose to use their time to work while in a long time waiting to be replaced (we are bounded with a job contract, including me). As I watch them (I'm a socmed geek), some of them like their jobs, the rest just do that because of 'survival' mode. But the other friends choose to enjoy 'the holiday' and do things they like. I am the third type beyond all. I want to do what I love and I am willing to make it as my professional job.
Making that dream comes true, of course, is not easy. Doing that means I have to break the boundaries, be responsible of the risk, and be dare to fall if it fails. The other challenge also comes along from inside me. The freaking thoughts like "how if I can't make it?" or "I already try it once and it fails. Do I insanely want to make the same mistake twice?" are coming anytime. The most important thing to do is to ensure my parents so they can bless what I do. 
Well, whatsoever. People break the limits (in a positive way) to make their dream comes true. People quit their precious job to make the awesome Georgetown Cupcake or to gain the title of Masterchef. It is risky and I am scared. But I will never know how to fly unless I'm brave enough to fall.
Wish me luck. 

April 22, 2014


"Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works."
Steve Jobs

Do you remember the time when I talk about my sketchbook? Yup, I used it to write down my inspiration in my head. I actually love something classic like drawing on a paper more than in my phone’s note application. And here’s my sketchbook, it is almost fulfilled by my sketches. Some of the pages are the idea of Mambruk Viktoria (design inspiration for Amica fashiondesigner competition). Pardon my bad sketch :)

April 20, 2014



That night, Billy Tjong –collaborated with Bvlgari– participated in the Bazaar Bridal Week 2014 at Ritz-Carlton, Pacific Place, Jakarta. 20 sets of wedding gown and 2 suits had shown off at the stage. Carrying the theme of “Paint My Love”, Billy Tjong was inspired by the romanticism of popular romantic painting in 17th & 18th centuries. The romance nuance was spread by the emergence of the white gowns, especially the one having big ball gown and the only red ball gown. For the short gowns, I felt the feminine and playful look by making the color-block dress and asymmetry skirt in the dress itself. The look of model became prettier that night wearing Bvlgari jewelry.

Billy Tjong himself

April 19, 2014


Hi guys! Long time no blog~ This time, I want to talk about the TBDress’ bags –especially the shoulder bags– which attract me to buy them. In addition, I personally love wearing shoulder bags and I’m very delightful to show you the bags that I hardly choose from TBDress’ website (yes, because almost all of them are cute >,<). Why don’t we start the review now? Well, lets go!

1. Classic Pure Color Twist Print All-matched Women’s Handbag
2. Europe Straps Button Large Space One-shoulder Bag
3. Lovely Rhombic Print Metal Flower Edge Women’s One-shoulder Bag
4. Attractive Skull Print Women’s One-shoulder Bag

Black bags are the most common and must have in the girl’s wardrobe, aren’t they? I try to sum up all the black shoulder bags. You just to have all of these bags and I guarantee you have all you need to go to your event, from formal to casual one. For example, the no 1 bag, you can wear it to the office or just to the mall. For the old-school style, I have this no 2 bag. It is a very plain bag. Nevertheless, for you who like to make DIY project, this bag is perfect to decrease your studs/sequins/other-DIY-thing stock in the drawer. Without doing the DIY project, you can still be stylish too. The key is on your mix & match. Say no to the old-school outfit while wearing this grandma bag. No 3 bag? You can go to party or just fashion show with this bag. I have the last bag, no 4, that can bring you to the casual event with your friend or family.

1. Lovely Rhombic Print Metal Flower Edge Women’s One-shoulder Bag
2. Artistic New Arrival Casual Canvas Shoulder Bag
3. Unique Split Joint Korean Style Women's Clutch Shoulder Bag
4. Distinctive Pure Color with Rivet Women’s One-shoulder Bag
5. Top Quality Tassel High Quality Women’s One-shoulder Bag
6. Lady's Elegant Summer New Arrival PU Pure Color Bag

Beside black bag, I have another color palette to try. For bag no 1 & 3, it can be transformed into a pretty clutch, don’t you agree? I also have the no 2 bag. I think it suits the Rachel Zoe’s style like wide-leg jeans and dark parka with some light-colored shirt inside. Pick the no 4 bag for more mature look and no 5 & 6 the vice versa look: younger and fun!

1. Chic Split Joint PU Women's Shoulder Bag
2. New Arrival High Range Women's Shoulder Bag
3. Lady's Cute Strip Flap Shoulder Bag with A Golden Chain
4. Romantic New Arrival Fancy Canvas Handy Women's Shoulder Bag

I looove color-block bag! It can be mixed and matched with more and more outfit colors. I have the fresh orange and sweet pink bags to be tried on. They are altogether with black, brown, white etc and totally modern in any ways. No 1 & 2 have almost similar color but in different shade and design. We have more girly bag on no 1 but more casual and tomboy (but you still want to look pretty) on no 2. Meanwhile, no 3 bag portrays the girly and young look but no 4 bag portrays the more-casual woman stuff. It is very exciting to play with the color-block, huh? Try it yourself!

1. Pretty Split Joint Plaid Canvas One-shoulder Women's Bag
2. Soft Butterfly Print One-shoulder Zipper Women's Bag
3. Sweet Casual Canvas Print Women's Shoulder Bag
4. Sweet Blue Leopard Print Women's Shopping Bag
5. Classy Lipstick Print One-shoulder Nylon Women's Bag
6. Elegant Leopard Print Women's Shopping Bag

If clothes have many amazing printings on them, why bags can’t have the same? Be careful to play with printed bag anyway. It can be very tricky! My personal favorite is no 1 bag. It is very unusual yet très chic! You shall have two of no 1 bag. One for you and one… for me. :p Haha kidding!

1. Impressive Button Fancy Retro Korean Backpack
2. Impressive Button Fancy Retro Korean Backpack
3, Fashionable Euramerican High Quality with Rivet Handbag
4. Luxurious Large Capacity with Special Rivet One-shoulder Bag

And the last ladies… the embellishment bag! For you who have the unique and quirky style, try these no 1 & 2 bags which have many vintage buttons stuck in the bags. The no 1 pinky bag fits for punk and rebel style but the style indeed has a little bit girly side inside. But no 2 bag fits for the more elegant look without losing the quirky style of the owner has. Maybe I ever tell you that I am a stud lover. I buy everything that has the studs on it. (Well, not all of them, my wallet is not very that thick anyway.) There are two studs bags which TBDress’ has. One with metallic color and another with black color. Choose one (of both) that fits your style well. I think you should go digging the info about these amazing shoulder bags yourself by going to www.TBdress.com OR just simply clicking http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Shoulder-Bags-101681/ and you will be directed to cheap shoulder bags collection. See ya! :)

April 6, 2014


That night, Sapto Djojokartiko participated in "Emerald" Grand Wedding Exhibition at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta. He showed his latest bridal gowns collection under the label of Saptodjojokartiko Bride. Feminine, elegant and graceful impressions were radiated aloud. The cutting was still like Sapto Djojokartiko's usual style like his typical of layers and ruffles over some dresses also the cheongsam collars (and don't forget the mask in the end of show) with 3D embellishment, sparkling glitters, lace, and etc. Drapery, see-through and sexy backless cut-out were also the parts of the collection. The main color was dominated by the pastel color even though in the end the audience was surprised by the emergence of black gown dress. Beautiful collection!

photo by: Lucca Yoga / text & photo editing by Marsela Christie