April 3, 2014



Started with the strong performance of fencing, the show of Danjyo Hiyoji had stolen the audience’s attention. The hint of the unseen collection was already portrayed clearly. After doing the fencing in minutes, the athletes turned into guardians and stood strictly in the side of runway where the models began to show up one by one wearing Danjyo Hiyoji. The models were appearing in alien-ish looks with the collection and the attributes. “The collection itself is called “En Garde” which is a french word for on guard, as the inspiration require us to be on guard, the color pallet of this collection are white, grey, silver, and beige those colors are influenced by the uniform of fencing. the collection breathes the toughness and the graceful movements of the sport, it is reflected on the fabric usage on this collection, a mixture of sheer and loose fabrics and tough fabrics, just like the mask, a lot of see through fabric is also taking part in the pieces and the sharp asymmetrical cut-out is used for this particular collection, in total of 15 looks.“ the press release said. Strong -even in a soft and neutral color shade-, sporty, unique, and masculine, those words I have to say to the collection itself. The asymmetry cutting was very interesting (since not many RTW designers could make it right). The color choices were also very good since it stuck in the inspiration tightly. The whole collection generally was very stylish and totally wearable. Thanks to the marriage of fencing and the gene of Danjyo Hiyoji.

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