April 19, 2014


Hi guys! Long time no blog~ This time, I want to talk about the TBDress’ bags –especially the shoulder bags– which attract me to buy them. In addition, I personally love wearing shoulder bags and I’m very delightful to show you the bags that I hardly choose from TBDress’ website (yes, because almost all of them are cute >,<). Why don’t we start the review now? Well, lets go!

1. Classic Pure Color Twist Print All-matched Women’s Handbag
2. Europe Straps Button Large Space One-shoulder Bag
3. Lovely Rhombic Print Metal Flower Edge Women’s One-shoulder Bag
4. Attractive Skull Print Women’s One-shoulder Bag

Black bags are the most common and must have in the girl’s wardrobe, aren’t they? I try to sum up all the black shoulder bags. You just to have all of these bags and I guarantee you have all you need to go to your event, from formal to casual one. For example, the no 1 bag, you can wear it to the office or just to the mall. For the old-school style, I have this no 2 bag. It is a very plain bag. Nevertheless, for you who like to make DIY project, this bag is perfect to decrease your studs/sequins/other-DIY-thing stock in the drawer. Without doing the DIY project, you can still be stylish too. The key is on your mix & match. Say no to the old-school outfit while wearing this grandma bag. No 3 bag? You can go to party or just fashion show with this bag. I have the last bag, no 4, that can bring you to the casual event with your friend or family.

1. Lovely Rhombic Print Metal Flower Edge Women’s One-shoulder Bag
2. Artistic New Arrival Casual Canvas Shoulder Bag
3. Unique Split Joint Korean Style Women's Clutch Shoulder Bag
4. Distinctive Pure Color with Rivet Women’s One-shoulder Bag
5. Top Quality Tassel High Quality Women’s One-shoulder Bag
6. Lady's Elegant Summer New Arrival PU Pure Color Bag

Beside black bag, I have another color palette to try. For bag no 1 & 3, it can be transformed into a pretty clutch, don’t you agree? I also have the no 2 bag. I think it suits the Rachel Zoe’s style like wide-leg jeans and dark parka with some light-colored shirt inside. Pick the no 4 bag for more mature look and no 5 & 6 the vice versa look: younger and fun!

1. Chic Split Joint PU Women's Shoulder Bag
2. New Arrival High Range Women's Shoulder Bag
3. Lady's Cute Strip Flap Shoulder Bag with A Golden Chain
4. Romantic New Arrival Fancy Canvas Handy Women's Shoulder Bag

I looove color-block bag! It can be mixed and matched with more and more outfit colors. I have the fresh orange and sweet pink bags to be tried on. They are altogether with black, brown, white etc and totally modern in any ways. No 1 & 2 have almost similar color but in different shade and design. We have more girly bag on no 1 but more casual and tomboy (but you still want to look pretty) on no 2. Meanwhile, no 3 bag portrays the girly and young look but no 4 bag portrays the more-casual woman stuff. It is very exciting to play with the color-block, huh? Try it yourself!

1. Pretty Split Joint Plaid Canvas One-shoulder Women's Bag
2. Soft Butterfly Print One-shoulder Zipper Women's Bag
3. Sweet Casual Canvas Print Women's Shoulder Bag
4. Sweet Blue Leopard Print Women's Shopping Bag
5. Classy Lipstick Print One-shoulder Nylon Women's Bag
6. Elegant Leopard Print Women's Shopping Bag

If clothes have many amazing printings on them, why bags can’t have the same? Be careful to play with printed bag anyway. It can be very tricky! My personal favorite is no 1 bag. It is very unusual yet très chic! You shall have two of no 1 bag. One for you and one… for me. :p Haha kidding!

1. Impressive Button Fancy Retro Korean Backpack
2. Impressive Button Fancy Retro Korean Backpack
3, Fashionable Euramerican High Quality with Rivet Handbag
4. Luxurious Large Capacity with Special Rivet One-shoulder Bag

And the last ladies… the embellishment bag! For you who have the unique and quirky style, try these no 1 & 2 bags which have many vintage buttons stuck in the bags. The no 1 pinky bag fits for punk and rebel style but the style indeed has a little bit girly side inside. But no 2 bag fits for the more elegant look without losing the quirky style of the owner has. Maybe I ever tell you that I am a stud lover. I buy everything that has the studs on it. (Well, not all of them, my wallet is not very that thick anyway.) There are two studs bags which TBDress’ has. One with metallic color and another with black color. Choose one (of both) that fits your style well. I think you should go digging the info about these amazing shoulder bags yourself by going to www.TBdress.com OR just simply clicking http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Shoulder-Bags-101681/ and you will be directed to cheap shoulder bags collection. See ya! :)

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