May 27, 2014


      After talking about choosing the perfect lace wedding dress in the previous post, how about if we talk now about the dress that is no less important in a wedding day? Can you guess? Yep, it is the bridesmaid dress! The dress can be any kind of colors and designs like floor-length, bright, sparkly, etc. But since it is me who choose the perfect bridesmaid dresses for you, let me make the typical dress I love like girly, feminine, bold, colorful and kind of that type of dress. Anyway, where to get the dress that we will talk about? Of course it is from Milly Bridal ( Check out the eight best bridesmaid dresses they have below!

     Beyond all colors which the bridesmaid dress has, having some unique designs or additional embellishment is better than having only the mainstream dresses with a single plain fabric alone. Since there are a lot of dresses options which Milly Bridal has in their website, I choose the stand-out ones with some big and big ribbons in the back. Why has to be ribbons? While using the shiny fabrics impresses very glam and luxurious, the ribbons can add playful twist. They also can be the center of attention.  Look at the dresses we have! The ribbons complete the look of those dresses from the mid-length silver dress (the 1st A-line Strapless Taffeta Tea-length Criss Cross Bridesmaid Dresses), the balloon skirt dresses (the 2nd Empire Sweetheart Taffeta Short/Mini Ruffles Bridesmaid Dresses), the strapless floor-length dress (the 3rd Empire Sweetheart Taffeta Floor-length Sashes/Ribbons Bridesmaid Dresses) to the sweet cobalt dress (the 4th A-line Straps Satin Floor-length Bow Bridesmaid Dresses). As long as the presence of the big ribbons, it only matters of which color and design we like. So, if you are looking for the bridesmaid dresses, you better consider one of these dresses!

      Besides drooling to those ribbon dresses, I also have a crush with these dresses which each has own unique characteristics. The 1st dress (A-line Strapless Satin Floor-length Draped Bridesmaid Dresses) somehow reminds me to one of Confession Of A Shopaholic’s dress worn by Rebecca Bloomwood whilst having dinner in a restaurant with Mr. Luke Brandon. It is very similar but Rebecca’s had the collar in the front instead of the back. Too bad I don’t know the brand. (Do you?) Anyway, if you like that movie (and coincidentally are appointed as one of the bridesmaid maybe…hihihi), this two-tone dress is perfect! This classy two-toned dress in dark blue and white accent deserves to fill an empty spot in your closet. Moving to other two bridesmaid’s dresses, we have the silver A-line Spaghetti Straps Taffeta Floor-length Draped Bridesmaid Dresses (2nd dress) and the red Princess Jewel Satin Floor-length Sleeveless Beading Evening Dress (3rd dress) which have very sexy back to flaunt. The last dress, we go back to the cocktail dress in pink (A-line Strapless Satin Chiffon Knee-length Draped Bridesmaid Dresses). I like it because the fabric on the back can swing and it looks like a hanging scarf in the front. Instead of wearing these dresses as the bridesmaid costume, perhaps you can also wear them to your important events like birthday party or prom night. Multifunction is cool, right?
      I think there are still more bridesmaid dresses which you need to see more. Just go to Milly Bridal 2014 bridesmaid dresses UK collection in this link There is discount too, ladies! Have a nice day!

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