May 28, 2014


      It has been a very long time since I asked my friends to look for some jewelries. It is a misfortune because they all are busy with their own activities so I only wish I could go alone. But I don’t have to be upset or wait no more because all I need to do is browsing to and clicking their cheap fashion jewelry collection. And I did! I couldn’t stop myself from scrolling down their page event I already reached page 70 (can you imagine how many jewelries collection they have?). In addition, most of their collections are the types of the jewelry I love. I already collect nine of my favorite ones. FYI, some of TBDress rings costs only around $5! *sobs happily*

 1. Irresistible Golden Rivet Zinc Alloy Ring
2.  Striking Golden Triangle Zinc Alloy Ring
3.  Unique All-matched Rivets Multilayer Alloy Bangle
4.  Modern Black Belt Rivet Decorated Bracelet Bangle
5.  Vogue Lips Whistle Rhinestone Alloy Bracelet
6.  Impressive Hoop Linked Chain Alloy Lady's Necklace
7.  Fabulous Golden and Silver Chain Lady's Necklace
8.  Gorgeous Fashion Big Flowers Women Necklace
9.  Sexy Red Rhinestone Lip Pendant Alloy Necklace
      Since I love studs, there is no doubt that I have jewelry with studs babies. The same goes to my very first gold ring from TBdress which is so me. I hope this full studded ring won’t hurt my other finger when I wear it lol. The next ring worthy to have is the gold triangle in two sizes (no 2). This  is really stylish and matching with any look and any dress I would to wear.
      Not moving on from studs, I still crave for this picture no 3 of uhmazing bracelets. No words can describe of how I love love love it so much. It is indeed my fashion statement. The next jewelry I want is still about studs but differently designed: it is alike a tiny belt. It is so unique! Besides having that grunge style, I also have a feminine story. This pretty bracelet no 5 is proving the statement. Moreover, the seducing red lips ala Marilyn Monroe and the “XOX Betsey” are really cool!.
      Moving to another kind of jewelry I absolutely would love to wear: chain necklaces like these pictures of no 6 and no 7. Even though they have a quite heavy metal necklace looking, I think I can make the total look more easy with combining one of them with a white plain mid-length or long dress with ankle boots and fedora hat in style of fashion blogger who is waiting for the fashion week starts. The look will look like a fashionable futuristic man in the present. (Don’t forget the shoulder bag!)
      By the way, I also want this no 8 necklace with nice big flowers. Either plain dress or floral crop top (with the same motif proportion) is suitable with this necklace. TBDress has the white color version of the necklace that looks like a micro snow and stacks of frozen ice. It is really gorgeous (better check it out yourself!). The last one but not least is the necklace with the one and only Marylin Monroe’s red lips. It casually fits my jeans and blouse. It gives a statement look just in case my style mood goes to plain and ordinary outfit.
1. Colorful Rhinestone Flowers Alloy Women Necklace
2. Amazing Fake Collar Handmade Ribbon Necklace
3. Adorable Luxurious Alloy with Rhinestone Rose Necklace
4. Western Metallic Awl-shaped Tassels Alloy Colorful Earrings(2 Colors)
5. Beautiful Multi-colored Alloy with Rhinestone Lady's Earrings
6. Cool Punk Revits Alloy Women Earrings
7. Characteristic Gloden Shield-Shaped Ring
      I also have the other pretty jewelry from TBDress above that you may like. Btw, you still can search your favorite jewelry further in TBDress website or simply go to this link of cheap jewelry online/cheap personalized jewelry collection. Have a nice day!

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