May 20, 2014


      I love to draw in my gadget. It is simpler than I use my color pencil or oil paint. I'm not good enough at combining color on a real paper. So, the apps at my gadget helps a lot hehehe! But I'm really envy to people whom can draw beautifully with water color and wishing someday I'll wake up with tons of my eyegasm own made water color painting lol. By the way if you wonder what application I use to draw lately is the basic Samsung Note. But in the other day, I tried to use SketchBook by Autodesk and it was amazing. My drawing became very real using it. The first picture of Rere below was made in SketchBook and the pencils had very soft strokes. Unfortunately the apps doesn't go with the multi-tab features in Samsung so it is quite hard to make a comparison with the real picture tab. I really want to use Brushes apps (just because a great illustrator recommended it in a noble daily newspaper column one day), but it is only available in iOS and I don't have any iPad. So, I have to merely satisfied enough with both of application I already have. Maybe you have some recommended apps for me? You certainly can share.

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Marta said...

Hello from Spain: beautiful illustrations. Great drawings. Keep in touch