May 6, 2014


      March 28th is my best friend's birthday and I almost totally forgot about it hahaha. When I realized that I was almost late, I made a sketch for him in rush. I had not eaten yet so I made mistakes a lot when starting to draw (Huahahaha it is related you know it). I restarted three times to get this sketch above done. Actually, he is not so.. interested in art and the stuff I do, I guess. But whatever. I already made this sketch and he should receive it happily anyway I could not stand the rejection hahahaha. By the way, he is a friend who inspires me a lot since he has a lot of academic achievements. I'm a proud friend indeed.

      Aside from the Face post, we move to another art I made. I did this sketch spontaneously when I got sooooo bored. Well, I was in church and going to do the service by playing some musics for the worship. Apparently, there were several activities and games first before the event. That meant I had to wait for... two hours. I took my pen and paper then portrayed where I sat and the situation there. This picture portrayed I was sitting behind my keyboard and drawing while some people in front of me played the games.

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