May 8, 2014


"Sandals and Summer go together like peas and carrots. Sandals are easy to wear, comfy, and go with everything," said Fab Sugar. Elle Magazine even added a statement that one of ten must have shoes for spring is flat sandals. As we know, there are many kinds of sandals which we can choose for spring/summer ourselves. Nevertheless, we perhaps often confused how to wear or pick the perfect sandals, especially the flat/low-heeled ones for us. Fortunately, there are many stylish celebrities which have awesome styles wearing sandals and we can steal their look (of course!). You can have an awesome look like them without investing so much in money because TBDress provides many sandals which are the way more affordable yet stylish indeed. Let's start the research!

The first sandals that we will talk about are Thong type ones. Thong sandals, also known as flip-flops, consist of of a thin strap that passes between the first and second toes (Fab Sugar). Angel Alessandra obviously loves to wear simple Thong sandals, doesn't she? Looking like her is as easy as blinking eyes. Wear the Vintage Rhinestone Beading Flat Heel Flip Flops Sandals (top left) and Concise Solid Color Ankle Strap Flat Sandals (top right) from TBDress! If Ms. Ale loves to wear simple, Cate Blanchett prefers the embellished thong like this low-heeled Comfortable Strap Chunky Heel Flip Flops Sandals. The sweet attitude goes to Harley with her ribbon sandals. I pick the Sophisticated Black PU Bowknot Pearls Strap Flip Flops Sandals to duplicate her feminine look.

If you like strap sandals, you better keep attention to these four amazing looks. The first we have Rachael Taylor in denim shirt who goes minimalist with her pink sandals or we can say those shoes are Popular Solid Color Ankle Strap Thong Sandals from TBDress. Another denim that fits the sandals are being worn by the stylish Alexa Chung. We can be like her by wearing New Lovely Pink Flat Heels PU Upper Women Shoes. Both Rachael and Taylor street style recipes are wearing the denim with neutral shade on top/bottom and giving a surprising touch by wearing bright reddish sandals. Very smart! Next look, we have the sweet Miley in camoe pants. She wears the black sandals to complete her look. You can wear these Beading Roman Sandals to compete her casual look. Who says that sandals only work at casual occasion? Look at the gorgeous Nicole Richie! She wears black dress and bag but surprises us with her creme sandals. Wear these Retro Round Beads Ankle Strap Roman Wedge Sandals and prove her that you can beat her look.

The last type of sandals we have the ones without strap that passes between any toes. From the collage above, this kind of sandals also can be wearable in any occasion and style. It fits Katie Holmes' bohemian style well. If you want that boho style, I can give you similar sandals like Katie, they are the fun Fashion Summer Black Suede Upper Bohemian Style Women Sandals. In the other hand, a similar look happens to Karlie Kloss and Solange Knowles' street style. They are wearing the same color shade of dress and sandals. I choose Fashion Stylish Roman Sandals to be looked like Karlie and Latest Yellow Pu Rhiestone Ankle Strap Flat Heel Slippers to be looked like Solange. The last not least style we have is the simple Naomi Watts. It is easy to cheat her look. Just pick the loose tank-top dress, hot pants and don't miss the PU White Flat Heels Open-toe Women Sandals from TBDress.

I am in love with most of TBDress' sandals so I pick my own favorites from the website. They are
1. Chic Green PU Cross Strap Flat Heel Sandals,
2. Perfect Flower Strap Wedge Heel Sandals - Three Colors,
3. Great Black Flat Heel PU Upper Women Sandals,
4. Comfortable Rivet Ankle Strap Flat Heel Sandals,
5. Pretty PU Upper Flat Heels Thong Sandals,
6. Fashion Cowhide Brown Gril's Sandals, and
7. Elegant White Flat Heels Rubber Sole Women Shoes.
So, which sandals by me or the celebs that you like better? Or maybe you are still curious about the other sandals? Well, you should go to and search the sandals there yourself. You can also click and you will be directed to their sexy sandals and cheap sandals collection. I know you will click the link as soon as you finish reading this post mwahahaw :p Have a good day!

(all celebs pics taken from google)

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