May 16, 2014

IFW 2014 - APPMI

dress by Nasaruddin

      Another annual show in IFW 2014 is held by APPMI (Asosiasi Perancang Pengusaha Mode Indonesia). The participants are the new members of APPMI who joined the show. Many famous names of designers apparently just became APPMI's new members, such as Ivan Gunawan and Ria Miranda. Here are some of their works.

Korina Budiman - Ria Miranda - Ria Miranda --> I love the pastel look. I like Korina's long skirt and the loose collection by Ria Miranda.
All by Ika Heydi --> These very light designs using traditional motifs are very simple but not too much color-block. But I think there should be a small piece of third or fourth color in these looks.
Retty Selya - Inez Kantahuri - Retty Selya --> I simply love Retty Selya works. I love Inez too it reminds me to Edward Hutabarat's. Sadly I hope there were simple styling on Inez's model.
All by Yogiswari Prijanti --> I love painting moreover I can see it in the dress. It is unique but perhaps the design can possibly be elevated more unique.
All by Yogiswari Prijanti
All by Sikie Purnomo --> Great design and interesting. The collection reminds me to some heroes in Java's old kingdom era.
All by Ivan Gunawan --> This "Manjula" collection is breath-taking. But I have no comment about the fake dragonfly on model's mouth.
All by Ivan Gunawan
All by Ivan Gunawan
Sikie Purnomo - Nasaruddin --> It is great to know that South Sulawesi has a unique bright color-blocking dress like what Nasaruddin's dress has.
Clutch: Juanita Seno Aji - Earpiece & wedges: Ivan Gunawan - Backless dresses in pink & green: Sikie Purnomo

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