May 4, 2014


by BATIK TANPA NAMA --> This dress is the winning look with semicircle-checkered patch in bright look. Nice combination!

       Fashion parade at Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 always brings a certain impression for me. If we notice thoroughly, we will find many interesting designs and styles in some collections in this fashion show. Here are the best collection I already recap only in day 1 and 4 of IFW 2014. Most of the collections wear traditional fabric with modern attitude. Let's check them out!

IAN ADRIAN --> I love the construction on the top of the dress. It is sweet and elegant. Ian Adrian seems like blue a lot since he still uses the color from Jakarta FW to Indonesia FW.
SIDJI BATIK BY PRATIWI DANANJAYA - ELIDA VERONICA - BADUI'S PROJECT --> What I love about Sidji Batik collection is the color-block dress with some layers at the bottom of the dress. While Elida Veronica has a very bright and vibrant Cirebon Batik and the motif in the side of the dress is very pretty. Badui's Project chooses to make a very chic casual outfit with color-blocking. I like the styling with a bow-tie also the edgy model, Chloe that fits the look.

BADUI'S PROJECT - JAVA BATIK BY YOGISWARI - ELIDA VERONICA --> Batik with flare skirt? Why not? I love how all these designers use the color-block by doing patches on the dress.
all by LEKAT --> let's play with a quirky style with Lekat. It is very playful with the fringe.
all by ETHNIC NOW BY PHILLIP --> It is about batik and quirky & unusual cutting. I love how Ethnic Now play with metal embellishment in Batik. But unfortunately I don't like the hat :(

VINCENT LEE --> Falling in love with the pattern!
MALIK MOESTARAM --> Malik Moestaram's women are the ones who are glam and elegant.


Alina Herrera said...

I really liked the colours and prints! They look amazing.

Alina à la Mode Blog

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: fabulous proposals. Keep in touch

Lucca Yoga said...

Aku suka Lekat yang paling kiri. Kaya post it yang ditempel-tempel di dinding ya.