May 1, 2014


It was great to see many new talented local designer show especially the one who had the prominent signature style. Indonesia Fashion Week (IFW) 2014 had its annual Indonesia Fashion Designer Competition (IFDC) 2014 that has spawned many talented young designers. As usual, those designers were participating the fashion show at IFW. One designer's work that different among other candidates was Sav Lavin by Savira Lavinia. Once the collection came out, I thought directly and said to my friend next to me that it would win the IFDC. Bringing the "Soldier Children Army" theme, Sav Lavin came with the major theme of Barong Bali which you can usually see in certain events in Bali. If I usually see the Barong Bali motifs on tee, this time was quite different. It was embroidered and modified into a more modern design. Mixing the Barong motif, transparent unsure, neon blast, and bold cutting, Sav Lavin showed the superiority more and more. The design was bold, edgy -but more less into feminine-, stylish (I love the choker in the neck), neat but didn't lose the playful side, and hippie at the same time. It was also very traditional because of the Barong motif itself. And my instinct was right because Sav Lavin did it and became the first winner of IFDC 2014. Congrats!  


cassie cadiz said...

lovely post.. very eccentric designs ;)


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: very cool proposals. Keep in touch