May 16, 2014


      It is closer to 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil and which man who isn't excited about it? I'm sure everybody -even the one who doesn't like football- are really looking forward to one of the most memorable world events. Which country that becomes your favorite team? Brazil? Germany? Or Argentina? Anyway, have you have the preparation of watching this biggest football event done yet? I mean the preparation if you just plan to watch it together with your friends and family in bar, cafe, or just home (or live in Brazil? Gosh, I'm so envy...). I used to watch the World Cup with my family with some snacks and drinks at home but the thing that we missed was merely the costume. Yeah, watching football without wearing the proudly jersey is kind of flat, right? Hahaha. I'm sure that if you're truly a soccer mania with many favorite clubs and players you adore, you should have at least one jersey in your closet. Well, I have some jersey and outfit ideas for you from TBDress. Yup, TBDress has a special collection for the Brazil's 2014 FIFA World Cup. Let's sneak a peek of what TBDress has!

1. 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil T-shirts
2. Amazing New Style Football Wings Print Cotton T-shirt
3. Wonderful Cotton World Cup Souvenir Football T-shirt
4. New Style Fantastic Cotton Print Round Neck T-shirt (black)
5. New Style Fantastic Cotton Print Round Neck T-shirt (white)
6. Number 22 Print Irregular Hem Loose Half Sleeves T-shirt
7. Charming Solid Color Golden Star Patchwork Short Sleeve T-shirt
      Maybe you have tons of jerseys in your closet or you just don't decide your favorite club yet OR you are in the neutral side, you probably want to wear these t-shirts. There is a Brazil world cup's logo on the first t-shirt that TBDress' has. It is like the most important t-shirt of the year, rite? The second one, I pick a t-shirt with Harley Davidson's style which is awesome (and I like it!). The third t-shirt is the way simpler as you can see it is only a ball in the grass, a simple statement but deep meaning for a soccer mania, I know, I know. For you who want to have couple t-shirt yes you can have these two pairs of the fourth and fifth t-shirts. You can wear the same t-shirt like your boyfriend, your brother or even your dad. The last pair of t-shirts I have are the baseball-designed ones. I think it is really quirky to watch football in baseball t-shirt. But whatever. These t-shirts are really cool btw. I really can imagine the nuance when you wear one of these t-shirts and yell at the world cup matches loudly together with hundreds of people in a huge screen at a cafe. It must be very awesome. :))

1. Perfect Black Mesh Panel Club Skater Dress
2. Sexy Front Criss-Cross Halter Short Length Dress2
3. Black Sexy Cut-outs Backless Sleeveless Sheath Dress
4. Terrific Black Lacy Flirt Evening Prom Midi Dress
      After the world cup matches finish, some of you may celebrate the winning of your favorite team. Besides wearing some t-shirts, you can alternately choose a dress for more glam and victorious look. But since it is about sport celebration, I think more fun dress is better. I pick some short black dresses those have unique cuttings on them. The first dress that TBDress has is the one with many sexy see-thru cuttings. I also pick the similar dresses with cutting on the chest and waist like these second and third pictures. The last dress is the one with black lace sleeves. Oh and it will cover your sexy back with lace too. I just think that all of those LBD above may match best with black or gold sneaker wedges. The shoes can give fun and little bit casual look. What do you think?

1.High Quality Deep V-neck Lace Mesh Split Joint Short Length Dress
2. Sexy Front Criss-Cross Halter Short Length Dress
3. Perfect Light Blue Mesh Panel Club Skater Dress
4. Sexy Front Criss-Cross Halter Short Length Dress
5. Chic Off Shoulder Column Sexy Dress
      Like what I have say earlier that for sport celebration, the more fun dress is better, it is very nice to see the bright playful dresses. I have many colors here. The first is a feminine two-toned dress with lace. I also have blue shade dresses in second and third pictures, yep they have the same design like the LBD's. If you love to wear any dress in red, you can pick this fourth dress. The red color reflects braveness and glorious impression. Or maybe you can choose a red dress with a color twist like this fifth dress. If you are a France club fan, you should have this dress. It looks like the flag of France, don't you think the same?
      Nah, how's the recommendation? Not satisfied enough? You should go to to look for further amazing outfit. Or you can go here in Brazil World Cup Collection for more dresses/t-shirts I already post partially above. Have a nice day :)


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