May 28, 2014


"There is a time when you are being asked by someone to hang out together, but you refuse it. I used to have that time. I do regret it now just because here I am sitting down in my chair alone. My world seems empty. I not only once asked him to go out and he unquestionably refused my invitation. Is that karma? Being busy, family, and traveling were the most common answer that I got, that I used to speak those words too. That was better compared with receiving no answer at all. So, what am I gonna do? Nothing, maybe. I just can talk with noisy television, blind radio, silence wall and myself. I know that I am important for nobody, I am no one for that hectic man. Even if I were being the most caring person in the world, he still wouldn't be responsive to me in return. Probably. Or I'm just being sarcastic."

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