May 22, 2014


      I can't agree more that most of Indonesia's fashion labels with the young-aged target always want to have dynamic, different and unique style among others. This statement also can be applied to Hunting Fields label. They innovated their latest collection with issuing some outfits in jellyfish printed fabric in Plaza Indonesia Fashion Week few months ago.This jellyfish collection which also being shown at Indonesia Fashion Week 2014 was made in wavy and light fabric with bright and black -maybe inspired by the jellyfish's ink?- colors as the foundation. There were also transparent fabric -it is from the transparent jellyfish inspiration, isn't it?-, plain fabric also the one with texture too. The collection I depicted as a grown-up young woman whom wanted to learn to be more mature but she still wanted to have a little fun. I love the total look, from the sleek hair to the pointy heels. It was really feminine and stylish.

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