May 26, 2014


      Talking about wishlist, I have sooooo many stuffs to buy. One of the list is notebook. Not that kind of laptop but only the book with some blank pages inside. I'm always mesmerized about the amazing cover that I know it will inspire the owner in life. I want to have one without stripes inside the page so I can draw whatever thing I see in the street to make the skills better than ever. Sinceee I don't have one right now, (or I have one but it is used for another purpose, and got it for free so the cover isn't that kind of amazing) I still make my sketch in my gadget like what I draw this pic below. I didn't know the man whom I draw before, it was inadvertently made because I couldn't fall asleep at night. Firstly, I drew a random big black and white stroke, then following with his eyes, nose and mouth. The final was the bone structure, hair and the coloring touch. I didn't know if I was going to draw a man since I never ever made a fictional man figure (and I'm bad at it). I tried to draw differently than I usually did because I was inspired by someone. I screenshot her (really great) illustration work and modified her work (she has really pretty face and so has her illustrations). Well, it was not easy though  because I was always ended turning into my drawing style. But I should try harder, shouldn't I? Because the result still had "many me" not "many modification". Dear me, just break the boundaries, ok?


fahmy haryandi said...

terus ini keren banget. kaya mural gituh

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: interesting drawing. Keep in touch