June 28, 2014


      June 17th 2014 was a magical day, not really surprisingly, for myself. With my two best friends, I had my chance to see the annual Biyan's show at Mulia Hotel, Jakarta. Around 8 p.m., I and Lucca entered the ballroom and looked for our seat, except for Fahmy sitting in the photographer area. Thanks to the good-looking ushers who really helped us because the show seemed to have uncountable seats. We sat neatly and looked around the stage ornaments. The tiny green leaves lamps in a big nest were shining not too bright, only dim. We looked down to the latest Biyan look book laid in each seat with a goodie bag by IOMA, a beauty company who supported the show that night.
     Chrysanthemum or Seruni (in bahasa Indonesia) is the main inspiration for the designer, Biyan Wanaatmadja. The flower portrayed the harmonic contrast, like feminine and masculine, in unity. Chrysanthemum which is also believed by Japanese as life and eternity symbol modified with Japanese's pop art character and the local Sumba-Nusa Tenggara Timur's tribal motif. Other motives used in this show were storks and some circles made by beautiful gems.
      What I love about this collection is beyond the words. The collection itself from year to year always brings the strong identity but it still moves with the theme rhyme. The dominant specialty of Biyan label is not only the glam and luxurious design but also the awesome printing textile which makes us flabbergasted. In addition, the 3d flower and embellishment are always riveting, particularly to this Chrysanthemum collection. Even the bright-colored and the crowded dresses in the middle of the show broke the coldness of the soft color palette. And the stork motif in the dresses? It is like the best embellishment I've ever seen from Indonesian designer in entire year so far. I'm lost of words.

photographed by Fahmy Haryandi, edited by yours truly :)

June 27, 2014



Hot summer days, rock and roll,
the way you'd play for me at your show.
And all the ways I got to know,
your pretty face and electric soul.

        You are the real world I live in where the pretty beach, the crystal sand, the sunset, the coconut tree, the sound of the sea wave and the other seen thing are synchronized to each other.
 I am scared to entirely escape from you and enter the dream world I believe in. 
But I am so sorry that I have to go.
I can't get back to you but I don't hate you.

Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?
Will you still love me when I've got nothing but my aching soul?
I know you will,
I know that you will.

It gets deeper and I don't know how to dive.

I don't have swimming tools.
I am afraid of the coldness of the sea.
 I can swim but I can't go deeper without any help or if I insist to I may die, or have temporarily coma if I am lucky enough.
I only can sit in the seaside and looking at the sea and wonder what treasure that awaits me deep down there.

Maybe Flying Dutchman's gold is not there but only the mermaids, seahorse, pretty coral and hidden place with magical scenery where I can stay at.
There will be bad thing too down there but I know I won't touch it.
I know the treasure maybe very precious hence it scares me so bad. 

(some lyrics by Lana Del Rey)  

June 25, 2014



      The world class Jember Fashion Carnaval once again participated at Esmod Jakarta Fashion Festival 2104. The carnaval led by Dynand Fariz brought 'Triangle' as the theme and 'Dynamic in Harmony' as the sub-theme which defined the linkages of three life elements: human, nature, and The Creator. There were ten parades such as Mahabarata, Borobudur, Tambora, Flying, Kite, Phoenix, Wild Deer, Pine Forest, Stalagmite, Apache, and Chemistry.
      Here I brought you closer look to Jember Fashion Carnival which I surely love to shoot them. The costumes, headpieces, and the accessories looked really great. The fully-ornamental face undoubtedly became the major objects for the photographers to get great pictures. The audience also gave a huge ovation in the end of the show.

(to be continued)

June 23, 2014


      I was more than happy when somebody put the upper picture of the college in their chatting profile. I directly asked her whether she had the photo of the framed illustration. It was started when somebody of youth group in my church had ordered for an illustration of the soon-to-be married couple. I gave the soft copy of those two in an illustrations then she framed it in a glass. Voila.. they took a picture with the bride and the groom brought the illustration in the reception. P.S: I also played a song "Two Words: I Do" for the groom to walk into the aisle hehehe (I'm thinking to make the song cover, no?).
      I also illustrated three others in this week. The first pic is my old friend, Santy. The second one is my best pal, Yudho (which I give the illustration today for his birthday :)). The third one is the teddy bear, Dean, who is really busy with his internship. Until I write this post, I'm certainly sure that he probably have not seen his illustrated face. He's a really busy boy indeed.

June 21, 2014


      One bright young designer, Albert Yanuar, once more participated at Esmod Jakarta Fashion Festival 2014. While in last year, he had brought his bridal collection, this time was a quite different. He brought his new ready-to-wear label, Algarry, which had simpler style, more affordable, and dedicated to woman with contemporary style. Nonetheless, Algarry still had the strict stereotype of mostly Albert Yanuar's design like the super feminine look, the kind of embroidery and the laser cut thing. Algarry also still had the twist like the dress transformation (which I had expected but had no idea in which sequence it would happen). The inspiration of Algarry collection was the friction ridges of human finger so we can see the squiggly lines of the embroidery.

The other after-transformation dress.
Albert Yanuar and his partner

June 19, 2014


      Cynthia Tan is one of successful alumni from Esmod Jakarta. She had a chance to show off her collection 'de' Medici' at Esmod Jakarta Fashion Festival 2014. Unexpectedly, she brought her collection to the amazing level of mine. The gowns were extravagant with modern smocking, embroidery, white drapery, and some flowers like the first gown worn by the beauty Sandra Dewi.