June 26, 2014


      Hello guys, as you know, Jakarta now has Jakarta Great Sale event where stores at mall make discounts everywhere. I really want to go there but the big malls are far away from home. In order to get my wanted stuffs instantly, I do browse some clothing line labels online, including TBdress site: www.tbdress.com. I browse their women dresses collection and find my favorites here (and claim them as some of the best dresses from TBDress hehehe). Let’s check them out!

      This collage above provides six dresses I love the most, the ones which look classy and elegant. The first picture is the way so Victoria Beckham's design, right? Hahaha… It is so elegant and can be worn both in formal and informal events. I prefer the brown and black color than the other one so I stick it here. The other classy dresses go to the black and white dresses in the second and third pictures. The big motives in those dresses are the most safe choice for curvy body. So does fifth dress. Besides the body con dresses, the fourth blue maxi dress is the alternative to get elegant look. I fall in love too with this sixth picture of off-shoulder fuchsia dress.

      Wearing something old school? Why not? It is all about how you choose the stuff itself carefully and to mix and match it with the right thing. Choose one old school dress with a modern or chic touch like one of those dresses above. You can wear pointy heels to complement the look, or just ankle boots :) My favorites are the dress number 1 and 3. I love the white accent on collar and sleeves. Pretty geeks :) Number 2 dress is very classic like what the 70-80s women wear… lol. For boho style, number 4 dress is a good one to have.

      I love to see woman wearing this kind of young and fun dress. Besides flaunting the flawless legs skin, the dress also brings the playful look. TBDress provides three options of this kind of dress such as the red lips, the birds, and my favorite floral patterns. Having not much different fun look from that short flared-skirt dress, the maxi dress also can be looked so dynamic as long as it is bold. Looked at that sixth picture with the blue based color and white birds, isn’t it magical? It is so calm yet stealing many attentions. So does the fifth dress in more crowd pattern and brighter color version. The fourth dress is elegant but fun at the same time, that’s why I put it in this dynamic collage.
    So, what do you think of my dress pick? Go to the fashion dresses collection of TBDress here http://www.tbdress.com/Cheap-Women-Dresses-100507/ and find your own favorite dresses!

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