June 21, 2014


      One bright young designer, Albert Yanuar, once more participated at Esmod Jakarta Fashion Festival 2014. While in last year, he had brought his bridal collection, this time was a quite different. He brought his new ready-to-wear label, Algarry, which had simpler style, more affordable, and dedicated to woman with contemporary style. Nonetheless, Algarry still had the strict stereotype of mostly Albert Yanuar's design like the super feminine look, the kind of embroidery and the laser cut thing. Algarry also still had the twist like the dress transformation (which I had expected but had no idea in which sequence it would happen). The inspiration of Algarry collection was the friction ridges of human finger so we can see the squiggly lines of the embroidery.

The other after-transformation dress.
Albert Yanuar and his partner

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