June 15, 2014


Fenny Ivona

      The first day of Esmod Jakarta Fashion Festival 2014 was started by two sequences of graduation show of 51 alumni demonstrated by 100 professional models. Their works also were judged by the Indonesian noble fashion people including Ayla Dimitri (Deputy Director Style.com), Michael Cools (photographer), also designers like Jeffry Tan, August Soesastro, Taruna Kusmayadi Ardistia Dwi Asri, Billy Tjong, Didiet Maulana, and Patrick Owen. The winner categories (source here) were best design womenswear (Fenny Ivona & Natalia Grafiyanti), best creation womenswear (Melita Witono), best creation menswear (Dominique Ivonne), coup de coeur du jury (Sri Mayang Idbariza),  best creation kidswear (Evelyn Wiguna), dan golden needle award (Kim Febriani).
      I watched only the second show where I could see many high neckline outfit (seemed like astronaut's collar), loose sleeves, the alphabet-printed fabric, 'aladdin' pants, and sometimes stage costumes like that sparkling gold thing. I picked my favorite ones where the sporty nuance dominated the runway. The collections indeed were really creative and inspiring like Fenny Ivona's collection. I think some of her collection were really good for any advertorial photo shoot in retro-futurustic theme with full make-up and hairdo just like the more casual version of Hunger Games' people.

Phebeline Sutanto (middle and right)
Phebeline Sutanto
Stella Regina William
Ellen Aprilinda Jonatan
Fika Audi Astari
Kim Febriani Sandhitta
Ananda Dessy
Erlin Suganda - Novi Jayanti - Christine Chandra
Christine Chandra
Stephanus Sylvester
Mia Meidiana
Natalia Lim (left & middle) - Natalia Grafiyanti & Siti Mahmudah (right)
Yanie Witono (left & middle) - Hany Veronika (right)
Fenny Ivona
Christine Chandra

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