June 25, 2014



      The world class Jember Fashion Carnaval once again participated at Esmod Jakarta Fashion Festival 2104. The carnaval led by Dynand Fariz brought 'Triangle' as the theme and 'Dynamic in Harmony' as the sub-theme which defined the linkages of three life elements: human, nature, and The Creator. There were ten parades such as Mahabarata, Borobudur, Tambora, Flying, Kite, Phoenix, Wild Deer, Pine Forest, Stalagmite, Apache, and Chemistry.
      Here I brought you closer look to Jember Fashion Carnival which I surely love to shoot them. The costumes, headpieces, and the accessories looked really great. The fully-ornamental face undoubtedly became the major objects for the photographers to get great pictures. The audience also gave a huge ovation in the end of the show.

(to be continued)

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cassie cadiz said...

Wow! what a majestic fashion carnival.. So full of vibrant colors
so love it! :) ;)