June 5, 2014


     A very hectic week has passed. But another one will surely come. From writing to illustrating tasks for the last days of June are done. Wohooo!! I hope the best for them! Anyway, I post some of the illustrations which I have made few days ago. There are a lot of friends' birthday in May and June. So, let's take a look!

      She is Indah, my college classmate who is also my best friend. She inspires me with her sense of music which is very good, I guess, even though I don't even understand some of her music hahaha. In the past, she helped me a lot when I was in trouble. lol :p She helped me to make a video for a contest which I had no idea how to make it. Lucky me that she had a good skill in video editing and photography. She also checked my grammar for a v-i-p english essay I wrote (I know my english is not that good. lol). So, I am so blessed that I meet her. I hope the best for her birthday!!
      The rest of the illustrations are made by custom and paid version (the unpublished-original pics are colored ones). So, if you're interested to make a digital face-illustration for yourself or your friend, let me know! Please send me an email to marselachristie@gmail.com. The payment can be done via Paypal or local bank account transfer. I am so happy to be a part in people happiness! See ya!

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Marta said...

Hello from Spain: beautiful illustrations. Well done. Keep in touch